MuscleNerd Confirms i0n1c’s Untether is ‘Solid’, Clears Air on ‘Leak’ Conspiracy


Yesterday we were first to report that i0n1c had handed over his untether to The iPhone Dev Team. We know that MuscleNerd has been working with the exploit via his twitter stream. He has confirmed that the exploit is ‘solid’ and they are dealing with jailbreak and Cydia issues.

MuscleNerd Crushes ‘Is there a Spy on the Dev Team’ Conspiracy

Some thought there was a leak by the Dev Team as comex’s SHAtter exploit was closed by Apple in iOS 4.3. MuscleNerd cleared the air on twitter:

because the Dev Team conspiracy theories are getting out of hand: we were not privy to @comex’s iPad2 jailbreak details

…and in direct response to this ModMyi forum thread, shocking some members:

comex and chpwn worked on that jailbreak in an IRC room that had no Dev Team members.

Dev Team was not privy to his jailbreak method, and so could not have leaked it.

So there you have it. For people to doubt these guys is ridiculous. They’ve done so much for the iPhone community.

We might be seeing an untethered iOS 4.3 soon!


  • Anonymous

    The moron in the first twitter response deserves to be punted. (klikkser, not MuscleNerd, who is s g0d)

    Jailbreaking is NOT for pirating, and the devs make it clear that they do not put them out so that people can steal the hard work of devs out there.

    Jailbreaks are designed for allowing us to access our system the way we want. Not to steal.

  • I suspect that they will wait for 4.3.1, its almost out, well the dev is out so its should be out soon. I think its in their best interest as i0nic said it worked with most iDevices on .1 so lets hope it works for that.

  • MrAnonymous

    Like I said. Don’t expect an actual final untethered JB until mid to late April. Even though it’s a solid JB, don’t expect dev team to release it anytime soon.

  • Anonymous

    i still dont get the whole conspiracy regarding the “leaking” of the SHAtter exploit. SHAtter was supposed to be a bootrom exploit, and therefore unpatchable on earlier devices (until apple releases a new version to close the hole….if it really was as it was meant to be, apple couldnt have a’closed the hole for 4.3″ on those earlier iphone 4 models.

  • Stringer

    I am confused by this as well… Can anyone explain?

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