MyWi Updated With New ‘On Demand’ Feature


This week, MyWi, the popular app available in Cydia that allows users to turn their 3G-capable iDevice into a mobile hotspot for Internet tethering, was updated to include a new feature called “On Demand” and a completely new user interface.

The On Demand feature allows 3G-capable iPhones and iPads to “understand” when the mobile hotspot feature needs to be enabled or disabled. The issue that is addressed here is giving users additional benefit by not having to go into the hotspot settings to manage or disable Internet tethering once a connection is active.

In other words, MyWi with On Demand connects when you need it and turns off when you do not need it.

For example, once you pair your iPhone 4 with your iPad WiFi, the iPad will automatically connect to MyWi if there is no other available Internet connection. But if you’re in another wireless hotspot (home), you can connect to that connection instead.

You can see how this also saves on your data plan, as MyWi is only used when actually needed.

To use On Demand, you first must have a jailbroken 3G-capable iDevice. Then you have to purchase MyWi ($19.99 new; $9.99 upgrade for existing customers). After that, you can purchase On Demand for an additional $4.99. Note that you do not need to purchase On Demand to take advantage of the new UI.

This process definitely isn’t cheap, so consider if you really need it, especially since Apple’s iOS 4.3 is due soon which includes Personal Hotspot.

For some visuals, check out the promo video below:


  • prefekt

    $25 for a feature that is, by all accounts, supposed to be out within the next two days?

    They should be looking for ways to attract users, not repel them.

  • prefekt

    err…. ‘ten days’ is what I meant to say. Either way, my point remains the same.

  • Redcow

    This will be obsolete once Personal Hotspot is out. It is a good jailbreak app but it has always been unrealistically expensive. RIP.

  • Rox

    Depends if it cost you $20 per month to use it with our dear suppliers….

  • iPhoneJohnny

    Could not agree with you more.
    Sell us on features that the personal hotspot does not have

  • Scott

    If you want to be jailbroken, it will be a while before Personal Hotspot is available. After that point though, it won’t be necessary. I wouldn’t say it was unrealistically expensive though – the convenience has been great and who hasn’t wasted $20 on something much less useful before – like an overpriced restaurant meal?

  • Scott

    Oh – and you can bet that Personal Hotspot won’t be on demand – and in classic Apple fashion, will be three levels deep in the menus.