‘NCSettings’ Cydia Tweak Adds Cool Toggles To iOS 5 Notification Center [Free]


A brand new jailbreak tweak from JamieD360 called NCSettings has just hit the Cydia store. The tweak adds some attractive looking settings toggles to the iOS 5 Notification Center. For those who frequently use SBSettings on their jailbroken iOS devices, this is a pretty cool alternative. You get toggles for common settings like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Airplane Mode, Respring and more. You can even re-arrange or hide toggles from the settings.

Here is the official description:

NCSettings is a must-have addition to your Notification Center. It’s a sleek, efficient toggle widget that gives you quick access to those essential settings that you use the most.

Current toggles include:

Wi-Fi, Volume, Brightness, Orientation Lock, Location Services, Bluetooth, Airplane Mode, and Respring.

Individual toggles can be hidden from settings, and rearranged by holding and dragging via the widget. Best used without other toggle widgets. More toggles likely to come in future updates.

After installing, the widget has to be enabled from Settings > Notifications > NCSettings.

Best of all, the tweak is available as a totally free download in Cydia via Modmyi repo!


  • Accordxtc

    I’d say a very nice alternative to SBsettings, I think I’ll stick with this one for now. 

  • Sargebruster

    sbsettings lost me when they tried to adjust my custom host file.

    I’ll try this one instead.

  • Seanatron

    This looks amazing, seems like this would be a Carbon Copy of what apple would (and SHOULD) be doing.  Only thing missing out that SBS has is Textual information memory/usages stats which would be major beneficial from these guys especially in the form this developer displays.  Its all missing the end que process which I think we will see in future updates.