Planetbeing on iOS 7: “We’re Still Working Hard on the Jailbreak”


For those who are interesting in an iOS 7 jailbreak, Canadian hacker @planetbeing sent out an update yesterday to notify everyone the Evad3rs team is “still working hard on the jailbreak”, as they seem close to having all the pieces:

@pod2g clarifies users should not expect a public release anytime soon as as “the road is long though”:

Currently, an untether jailbreak only exists for iOS 6.0 through 6.1.2 using the tool evasi0n. Anyone expecting a jailbreak for iOS 6.1.3, 6.1.4 and iOS 7 will have to keep on waiting.

Are you still looking forward to a jailbreak for iOS 7?


  • ch

    i wonder if 7.0.2 is ok to jailbreak, for now ill stay at 7.0.

  • Shorty_dammit

    Yes! We’re getting a jailbreak next week!

  • Haha don’t get your hopes up 🙂

  • shinratdr

    I’d rather have iOS 7.1 than a jailbreak. Hopefully they wait, because iOS 7 refinements will be coming out frequently and fast.

    Honestly, iOS 7 does so much of what I jailbroke for anyways. Control Center covers Auxo, SBSettings and SpringFlash. FullForce has been made redundant for the most part by Apple requiring iOS app updates to support the iPhone 5 screen, NoDict has been drastically reduced in usefulness by Apple seemingly fixing the sensitivity of the dictation button, and so forth.

    There are a handful of things I miss, but like each iOS version in the past Apple keeps making that list smaller and smaller. System-wide AdBlock being the number one by far. Followed by Springtomize to slightly reduce docked icon size and add Messages as a 5th dock icon. NoStoreButton is a distant third. LockInfo for Twitter on the homescreen would be a nice-to-have, and iFile for file system access. Safari Upload Enabler and Safari Download Manager are also time-savers. Oh, and f.lux. You get used to not having it pretty quickly but always like it when it’s back.

    That’s about it though, and except for the first two, that’s all stuff I would do because I was already jailbroken, not stuff I would jailbreak for.

    I obviously can’t speak for everyone, plenty say they can’t live without BiteSMS, WinterBoard or other stuff I have no interest in. But Apple’s doing a great job steadily knocking out the stuff I jailbroke for, and doing it roughly in the priority order I have. If Apple added a handful of desktop features to Safari (extensions, upload, download) I would be hardpressed to care about a new jailbreak coming out.

  • Anon

    Hoping George Hotz comes out of nowhere, and pops out a 7.x Jailbreak.

  • Anon

    Although they’ve implemented some big JB tweaks, it’s still very limited, and why I am sticking with a JB 6.1.2. By the way, Apple would never allow the user complete access to the iOS file system for obvious reasons (iOS always has, always be a Draconian closed OS). So Cydia apps like iFile, or OpenSSH would never be integrated.

  • Jeve Stobs

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