Pod2g Has Untethered Jailbreak for The New iPad On iOS 5.1


A quick update for you jailbreakers out there. Pod2g just posted on Twitter that he has his iPad3,1 (The New iPad) jailbroken, untethered, on iOS 5.1. Victory! The famous iOS hacker is still working on the jailbreak, saying he has to stabalize the payload. He will also be testing his jailbreak on iOS 5.1.1.

It is great to hear some positive jailbreak news, after reading all the garbage from Steffan Esser over the last couple of days. He claims to have an untethered jailbreak as well, but is not releasing it. Pod2g, The Chronic Dev Team, and The iPhone Dev Team all have the end users in mind, while creating their new jailbreak. They are not doing it for money. They do it for fun and for the challenge of the hack.

There is still no release date for this jailbreak, but we will bring you more, as this story develops.


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  • aztek13

    That’s great news!  We wait with eager anticipation…  🙂

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  • Jokereh

    All I care about is for the 3rd gen apple tv. Please hurry.

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