Rich Text for Mail Brings Custom Fonts, Colors, Styles [Cydia]


Canadian developer Ryan Petrich (he released Untrackerd) has released a new tweak available in Cydia called Rich Text for Mail. This tweak allows for rich text in Mail, something that is currently unavailable in iOS (maybe we’ll see something for iOS 5?).

The tweak is $4.99, and will bring a new dimension to your emails as you’ll be able to choose from a variety of colours, fonts, and formats. The interface is intuitive and looks really easy to use.

Here’s a video overview:

A fantastic tweak created by a Canadian, you gotta love that. I’m hoping for some changes to Mail in iOS 5.


  • Drocass

    The only people I know who use multiple colored text in emails is like my mom and grandma lol followed with almost the same amount of emoticons as words in the email 😛

    To me this a blast from the past lol

  • jlocicero

    Really nice interface! I’d like to see a simple text editor that allows styles in this manner, and syncs to Dropbox.

  • Sponticelli

    Me too, I have to keep this tweak hidden from my mom. She is the only one I know sending emails with multicolored words. 

  • I miss those emails. Great for forwards!

  • Drocass

    Lol yeah man
    They download that smiley central app for pc too lol tons of animated icons lol