Send Tweets Using Siri On Your Jailbroken iPhone 4S With ‘Sireet’ [Cydia]


Ever since iPhone 4S jailbreak came out, all sorts of Siri related Cydia tweaks have started pouring in, the latest one being Sireet. This simple tweak, developed by @Tyler_nettleton, allows users to dictate and send tweets using Siri. All you need to do is download / install it from Cydia and have your Twitter ID configured in the Settings application. Once done, open up Siri and say “Tweet” to start dictating your tweets.

Tweet with your voice! You can now tweet directly from Siri! Just say “Tweet, what you want to say”.

Sireet uses the the default twitter client in the iOS 5 settings.

Best of all, the tweak is available for free in Cydia via Modmyi repo.


  • Nick

    Is there no problem with installing a bunch of different things that add abilities to Siri at the same time? I’ve already got siritoggles and voiceutils. Now I notice there’s also one that makes it translate languages for you ‘how do you say ____ in Spanish’. Do these all work together properly?

  • Edge

    This is a great hack! Only thing, I can’t seem to get it to recognize “number sign” for a hash tag (works in all other Siri recordings). Anyone know why not? Thanks!