‘Sparrow Push’ Adds Native Push Notifications To Sparrow iOS App [Free Cydia Tweak]


A few days back, the popular Sparrow iPhone app went live in the App Store as the first real viable alternative to Apple’s Mail app. Sadly, the app was released without “push notifications” since the feature was pulled by Apple before approval, due to the fact that Sparrow team was caught using an API reserved for VoIP apps. As a temporary workaround, we published a tutorial on how to set up Boxcar for Sparrow mail push notifications. But now, we have ‘Sparrow Push‘, a free Cydia tweak for jailbroken iPhones and iPod touches which adds native push notifications to the Sparrow iOS app.

Official notes:

iPhone Jailbreak tweak for the popular iPhone app Sparrow, which enables eMail push notification when the app is in the background making Sparrow a real replacement for the stock Mail application.

Sparrow Push uses a very efficient implementation using the same APIs that VoIP apps like Skype use. Since there is an additional, permanent internet connection and Sparrow becomes active everytime there is activity in the email account, there will be a higher battery usage, but it should be comparable to what Apple Mail’s exchange push implementation is.

You can download Sparrow Push tweak for free on Cydia via BigBoss repo.


  • whitehat

    After reading this article I went and purchased the iOS version of Sparrow and then went to Cydia and grabbed this tweak.  Didn’t really test it out but did notice what I think is a bug.  When I select music to play from the, it will only play if the app is open.  When I hit the home button to send a text or something the music quits but then immediately resumes as soon as I get back into the app. Restarting the phone and quitting did not solve it.  I had a suspicion that the tweak was causing this.  I removed the tweak, rebooted springboard and the problem went away. 

    TLDR: gets messed up with this tweak (I think)

  • Ray

    I had the same problem!
    Couldn’t lock the phone and listen to music…
    It went back to normal after removing the tweak.

  • Ok Now I know I wasn’t the only one. I had to removed this tweak because of the Music app issue. Hopefully the developers get that fixed. I would love to use Sparrow a bit more.

  • Ramek_007

    great tweak but had the same issue. developer said he fix the issue but fix might not be on cydia yet. push work great when i had it. had to remove tweak.

  • Ramek_007

    the issue has been fix. background music working fine now. so sweet to have push for sparrow mail.