[Updated] Theme It App Launches, Competition for Cydia Theme Center


Update 1: There is some controversy over Theme It; a clash with Cydia founder “Saurik”, as reported by TNW:

Note to all iDevice Jailbreakers and people interested in Theme it:
Well as it was to be expected Saurik/Jay Freeman (maker of Cydia) doesn’t seem to appreciate our venue in “his” community. He wrote me an email, asking us to ‘back-down’ and stop our much awaited project hiding behind the fact that competition is bad… Sure competition isn’t good to someone trying to keep his monopoly and have the ability to decide how everything should or should not evolve. But we’re all aware that competition is a great thing for the end user and everyone else for that matter, it forces the different parties to do better all the time for the real good of the community. Funny enough, he suddenly seems to have become very “available” since the announcement of Theme it went public ; ) getting in contact with the different repositories, theme creators, etc.

But “back-stabbing” is the main intention here, making sure all the people getting involved with us will turn their backs on us (I’m forced to admit that they don’t really have much choice since he’s currently the only one pulling all the strings) For instance we “mysteriously lost” our partner repository (that had signed a partnership agreement with us) and i’ve heard that he’s even “taking the time” to contact different theme creators directly as well to try and make sure they don’t follow us in this adventure… how low is that !? This clearly shows one thing; he feels quite threatened of what we’re coming out with, he doesn’t want to loose money and potentially more… his monopoly.

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For jailbroken iPhone users, customizing the look of your device has never been easier now that Cydia’s Theme Center has launched.

An alternative theme store has launched to give Theme Center some competition. Theme It is an app that you download onto your iPhone, and allows for easy purchase of themes.

How to Install Theme It App on your iPhone

1 – Launch Cydia and go to the “Manage” tab in the menu
2 – Click on “Sources” then “Edit” and “Add”
3 – Insert our repo url : (currently their repo is getting hammered with requests, so keep trying it if doesn’t work)

In Cydia, go to Sections–>Themeit–>

Install Theme it. Once installed, you’ll see the Theme It app on your homescreen.

The Theme It app is extremely well laid out and easy to use. It’s beautiful. There are tabs along the bottom for Home, Themes, Options, and Account. Under the Themes tab, you can see the latest themes available for purchase. Free themes are ‘coming soon’.

Tapping on a theme shows you relevant info such as theme description, screenshots, price, version history, and most importantly compatibility info with your device. Most themes will require the installation of Winterboard on your device.

If you’re heavy into themes and customization, definitely check out Theme It on your iPhone. Let us know what you think about it in the comments.

[Theme It App]


  • stoked!!!

  • Duffsurly

    Themeit is so buggy right now. I can’t get it to stay open for more than a minute before it crashes.
    Plus the load times of the themes is really SLOW!!!! needs update 🙂

  • Blake007

    FUCK JAY FREEMAN, he’s turning into Steve Jobs.
    Jailbreaking means do what ever the fuck you want to with the idevice you want to and just because he came up with the Cydia app doesn’t mean he has any control over what people want. If it were up to me I’d use another jailbreak store if it were out there!!!

  • Ken

    Yup, half the 99¢ apps he sells causes my iPhone to crash, freeze or reboot in safe mode.

  • Thwarth

    I really like ThemeIt. I haven’t had any performance issues. It is way easier to use than Saurik’s theme section. Themeit’s previews are really easy to use and load times are quick. Way yo go ThemeIt!

  • Dfsd

    Themes are great only when it is with an option to donate. Not $3 for something I will get bored with in a week more than likely.

  • Big O

    I personally like Cydia. While competition is good, I dont want to have to install multiple apps just to check themes. I already have to many repo’s to keep track of.

    Say what you want about Steve Jobs, but the man is a visionary. He has pioneered innovation and while he does seem like a control freak, his means produce high quality for the uninformed. For us guru’s it seems like monopolistic behaviour, but what it produces is quality for the people who dont look further then the install button. The average user. Thats why the apple app store succeeds while the stores for Android and Blackberry are dismal.

    Jay Freemon is the grand daddy of Jailbreaking and Cydia is what keeps me from buying a different phone.