Top 10 Jailbreak Tweaks for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch


While Pod2g says there is a lack of innovation on Apple’s side when it comes to the new features introduced with iOS 6, the jailbreak community seems to be far more responsive to user demand and jailbreak tweaks, and ideas are growing alongside iOS itself. So, in case you have spent 15 minutes of your day drinking coffee and jailbreaking your iDevice using evasi0n (maybe with the help of our tutorials) here are the top ten tweaks you’ll enjoy.

Stride ($2.99)
In case you envy Android users who can unlock their device with a gesture, there is an app for that called Stride. And yes, it is available in the Cydia store. Update: Still waiting for iOS 6.1 support.

For those who have missed live widgets, here is a jailbreak app you’ll enjoy: Dashboard. Once installed, you can start adding custom widgets that float next to app icons on your iDevice’s Home screen.

Battsaver ($2.99)
Yes, battery life isn’t just your main issue, it’s everybody’s. Fortunately, there is an app for that one as well: BattSaver regulates the way you use your iDevice. It uses several different strategies to preserve battery life by following your usage pattern and turning parts of you iPhone off when you don’t need them, and on again when you do.

MapsOpener (free)
With Apple Maps rivaling Google Maps, MapsOpener comes into the picture to help you make GMaps your default iOS maps app.

iFile ($4.00)
This app is one of the key apps for every power user. It’s like bringing the Mac OS X Finder to iOS or Explorer for Windows.

Messages+ ($7.99) (or BiteSMS)
If you want to compose an SMS to anyone from any app, or reply to a message without closing the app you are using, Messages+ is the app for you.

Auxo ($1.99)
With your iDevice capable of multitasking, switching between apps is easy, but iOS displays a row of icons. Auxo re-imagines the switcher in the way that Apple should do with iOS 7.

Emblem ($1.99)
This jailbreak tweak is iPad-only and allows you to interact more intuitively with notifications. Notifications will appear as banners on the right side of the screen like they do in Mountain Lion.

Winterboard (free)
If you want to customize the overall look of the lock screen and home screen, there is no better way to do it than with Winterboard. There are tons of awesome pre-made themes available through Cydia, so take your time and pick up one that suits you if you don’t feel like preparing one yourself.

SBSettings (free)
If Auxo isn’t your thing, then you can always go back to one of the most popular jailbreak tweaks of all time–SBSettings. This tweak allows you to quickly toggle various iOS system settings such as Bluetooth, WiFi, brightness, 3G, EDGE, Airplane Mode, etc. Just swipe the top bar of your screen or see toggles within Notification Center.


  • jordandev

    Auxo is a much nicer app switcher IMO than Swithcy

  • merge doesn’t even work with ios 6

  • wuju

    SBSettings is not part of the list, is it because it’s not compatible yet with 6.1 – even though you have it as the image above?

  • Andrew

    It would be nice to have screenshots to go along with the titles.

  • cheech

    Sbsettings working fine on 6.1

  • Fluxuated

    Installed SBSettings this morning on 6.1 when I jailbroke my iPhone 5, seems to work fine.

  • IstvanFekete

    Right. I’ll update the list accordingly. Thanks!

  • wuju

    SBSettings works now. Thanks

  • Cloe

    Downloaded SBSetting but airplane toggle is missing. Is any one experiencing the same problem?

  • wuju

    Anyway to turn on Edge Network via SBSetting on the iPhone 5. Reason is to conserve more battery since I don’t need 3G 90% of the time. 3G standby drains a lot more battery then Edge network.

    Downloaded the Edge Toggle for SBSetting but it keeps crashing. Any other solution?


  • noone really

    personally went with androidlock XT not stride (dont think it’s even supported on iphone 5?)

  • wuju

    Airplane toggle is available, you can download it if not already there by default. Make sure you turn the toggle on under “More”

  • Juan Carlos

    stride is not compatible with iphone 5 evasi0n jb

  • 1His_Nibs1

    Switchy says the product is not currently certified to be compatible with your device. Did the author bother to check any of these tweaks to see what will & won’t work on evasion or iOS 6.1? Sure doesn’t appear to be the case (Stride=FAIL).

  • IstvanFekete

    You could try Auxo instead.

  • Chrystal

    Hey guys, I’m a noob lol, I used the AndroidlockXT tweak, but is there something available to get rid of the “slide to unlock” thing? Any recommendations are appreciated!


  • thevarmanator

    are you sure you’re on Rogers/Fido?
    They’re the only carriers that support 2G (EDGE) over GSM.
    That might be your issue

  • Don Dada

    In androidlockxt you have to change apearance –> minimize –> No

  • Chrystal

    thank you!!!

  • bradg17

    Gary I have to agree, you should be more strict with your authors. This post is very sloppy. Multiple tweaks aren’t compatible, iphone had built in tethering (in Canada anyways), and dashboard is some shitty tweak for iPad. I think he means Dashboard X which is the best widgets app IMO.
    This is just riddled with errors. Please fix. Also, add the price for apps which you usually do for all other post like this.

  • dub

    The lack of biteSMS on the list is disheartening to say the least.

  • wuju

    Yes. I’m with Fido. So I would like to use the 2G (Edge) network on my iPhone to conserve battery.

  • 1His_Nibs1

    Yes I could……& you could also verify things are compatible with the current iOS or Evasion jb before you post. Very bush league on your part.

  • Yes

  • matt

    ya it is…

  • matt

    has been since the first day