Untrackerd: Stops iOS From Tracking Your Location [Cydia]


Earlier today it was revealed that since iOS 4, your location has been tracked and saved on your iPhone in an unencrypted file. There hasn’t been a way to stop this–until now. Canada is here to save the day, via iPhone developer Ryan Petrich, from Edmonton. He has created a tweak called Untrackerd that will clean up your location history in the background.

According to the tweak description:

This package installs a daemon (process that can run in the background) to clean the consolidated.db file.

No new icons are added to your homescreen. There are no options to configure.

If you don’t want your location history to be ‘tracked’ anymore, install this tweak via Cydia (click here to follow our jailbreak tutorial). Remember, once it’s installed there are no settings as it’ll be running in the background.



  • Anonymous

    I’m sure Apple didn’t put this in there just to be evil…I wonder what removing this data will break.

  • Agree. One could agree the iTunes TOS we agree to ‘allows’ this to happen. We’ll probably find out soon.

  • Wuju

    I prefer if there’s a way to turn it off/on via Apple iOS. Is there a way? Probably not since a software is written from Cydia.

  • Ned

    This file may have something to do with the “Find my Phone” feature, perhaps? So, anyone test it out yet? With the file purged, can the service Find your phone?

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  • Anonymous

    (thanks to 1His_Nibs1 for discovering this in Cydia and posting it in another post!) 😉