1080p Apple TV Unboxing Pictures via an iPhoto Journal


Apple announced a refresh to the existing Apple TV to offer 1080p video and a new revised user interface. Physical differences between this refresh and the old second generation Apple TV are slim to none. The insides of the new Apple TV were revealed to have doubled the ram, 512MB compared to previously 256MB.

Since there aren’t major physical differences, an unboxing of the new Apple TV would be similar to that of the former version. So this time around, we were sent some unboxing pictures of the 3rd gen Apple TV but laid out via an iPhoto Journal, published to the web. The new Apple TV was discounted by $10 in Canada, as it now sells for $109 CDN, instead of $119 CDN last year.

Inside the box we once again see the Apple TV remote, power cable and the unit itself. That’s it.

Check it out below:

Did you buy a new 1080p Apple TV?

Thanks Sam for the pics!


  • Anonymous

    Bought one last week to use for business presentations with my iPad and Air Play.  I use a WDTV Live media player at home because it plays .mkv files natively.  The interface sucks but at least I don’t have to buy my movies from Apple.

  • You stream your mkv to your apple tv with air video app your computer and iPad/iPhone//iPod

  • Anonymous

    That’s a cool solution as I already use Air Video to stream to my iPads and iPhones.  Thanks for the tip.  Much appreciated.

  • Since I started using this solution, I don’t use my PS3 anymore except for bluray… I’m not even a gamer…

  • I stopped using my PS3 as well except for BluRay and I use ATV Flash (Black) from FireCore for all my media needs (MKV especially).

  • Anonymous

    I’m a gamer and I use my PS3 only for blurays