250 Apple Employees Are Attending The Consumer Electronics Show


Yesterday we learned that Apple does indeed have a presence at CES 2012 and today, we learn that that presence is quite a bit larger than previously thought.

A reporter with PaidContent picked Greg Joswiak out of the crowd of at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas yesterday and today Reuters is reporting that hundreds of registered attendees are sporting “Apple Inc” on their CES badges.

More than 250 employees are registered to attend the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, according to a person familiar with Apple’s plans.

With retail stores all over the world and one of the most visited websites on the internet it would seem that Apple feels it no longer needs to exhibit at trade shows in order to get its message out. The electronics giant has not commented on their presence at CES, but keeping an eye on third party manufactures who make accessories for Apple products as well as staying on top of other companies’ product launches may be the motivation.


  • Anonymous

    Who said that Apple does not care about CES!? They do, but they currently don’t have anything to announce or new technology to show off. The newest product, iPhone 4S, has nothing to compete with other smartphone except Siri, and iPad 2 is near retirement. It is time to send its employees from all departments to go around in the show to get some fresh ideas, especially those unpaterned.

    I hope iPad 3 will come out very soon so I can get the discounted iPad 2 for my mom. :p I always believe in rumors because I think some of the rumors are coming from Apple itself.

  • Wipdeedoo

    Why this is newsworthy I do not know. CES will attract somewhere close to 150k attendees. Having been myself, in 2008, it is quite a spectacle.

  • Anonymous

    “Someone familiar with Apple’s plans”. Sketchy sensasionalistic journalism at its best. Was this person Jesus “The Hack” Diaz from Gizmodo? 250 Apple employees have nothing better to do than go to CES to see a ton of half baked products and Apple rip offs.

  • Asiofjd

    Why is this even news? 

  • BillyJoe

    Huh? An Apple executive was spotted at CES. It’s important!!