AirPort Base Station 7.6.7 Firmware Download Released [u]


Apple has just released AirPort Base Station 7.6.7 firmware for download, which is “recommended” for all Apple 802.11n Wi-Fi base stations including AirPort Express, AirPort Extreme and AirPort Time Capsule. Yes, Apple still does have engineers working on firmware for their AirPort devices!

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The update fixes the following issues:

  • Fixes an issue which may prevent communication between clients on the same network
  • Improves performance with an extended guest network
  • Addresses potential naming conflicts with Bonjour Sleep Proxy

To update your AirPort product, launch AirPort Utility on your Mac or iOS, navigate to your device, then click update firmware.

Update: There’s a version 7.7.7 firmware as well, for 802.11ac models–just updated our AirPort Extreme.

…more to follow


  • Scouse@Large

    Maybe this will allow me to use my Airport Express to extend my network from my Extreme without it dropping to molasses speed after two days for no reason… time to dust it off and see if it works. Or not.

    Hoping Apple things “just work” is so 2009

  • johnnygoodface

    AExtreme: 7.7.4 to 7.7.7 and AExpress: 7.6.4 to 7.6.7… What happend to versions .5 and .6?? Never got update warning for those even when I force the Airport utility to check for updates! I’m not touching those updates before at least a week: too “big step” for my blood!

  • Interesting, as it otherwise seems as though Apple had mostly abandoned their networking gear. Then again, as much as Apple has pioneered some of the higher-level networking technologies such as Bonjour, they don’t really know the lower-level stuff as well as they should.

  • I’m at 7.7.7 right now and so far…no issues that I can see of (yet!).

  • I have an airport Extreme 5th generation on 7.6.4.
    I don’t see any update available, Airport utility on IOS says software is up-2-date. Also on OSX no sign of a new firmware version. Any idea ?