All-New Mac Pro Demand Exceeds Supply, Apple Says


Mac pro

Apple has sold out its initial supply of the recently launched, all-new Mac Pro. If you are among the power users who awaited the high-end desktop computer, you will need to wait until February to receive yours. So what are the causes of this deja vú? (Apple had the same trouble honoring orders last year when the redesigned iMac hit the shelves.)

As it turns out, the demand is over Apple’s wildest expectations — this seems the most rationale explanation, and the company spokesman reinforces that in the statement sent to Forbes today. Otherwise it doesn’t make sense for Apple to miss the deadline for the first U.S.-assembled product.

“Demand for the all new Mac Pro is great and it will take time before supply catches up with demand,” an Apple spokesman said today.

Ars Technica believes the long wait has had unexpected results: Apple’s Mac Pro has ended up supply constrained early in the product cycle, just as in other cases when the external design came with significant internal changes.

“The long wait for a new Mac Pro is similar to what happened last year when Apple released the 2012 iMac late in the year—the 27-inch model, in particular, was hard to find for several weeks after its release…While this situation is unfortunate for people who need a new Mac Pro now, expect availability to improve in 2014 as Apple can refine its manufacturing processes and make enough of the workstations to meet demand.”

While we can wait for Apple to make public its Mac Pro sales, it won’t because the company never broke out sales of Mac computers.


  • Al

    From the moment they announced the design of the soon-to-be-released Mac Pro to the moment they announced its release, I had a feeling this was being done prematurely. It’s primarily Tim Cook’s fault for announcing long ago that there was going to be a lot of incredible releases this year. He forced deadlines way too far in advance. Big mistake, given all the variable factors that can change the development period.

    Mac Pro is becoming even more of a niche market item than it was. Professional photographers (once a HUGE market for the Mac Pro), for example, are favoring iMac’s in more recent years. So, to not have a solid initial supply at release points to one thing… They rushed the release date.

    “…the demand is over Apple’s wildest expectations…” is just a BS excuse to cover their ass, and make themselves look good. You can’t polish a turd.

    And no, I’m not anti-Apple. Just the opposite. But I calls it as I sees it.