Apple Abandons OS X Mavericks Trademark in Canada

Apple has abandoned its OS X Mavericks trademark in Canada based on an update on the Canadian Intellectual Property Office website, according to Patently Apple:

With absolutely no explanation or reasoning, Apple abandons OS X Mavericks trademark in Canada. Was it a mistake by Apple legal or their Canadian agent Baker & McKenzie LLP? Is it a Canadian issue or is it a sign of things to come for the trademark? The abandonment notice was officially published on October 28, 2013 in regard to trademark filing 1648792.

Osx mavericks trademark canada

Apple originally filed for the trademark on October 22, the day of the OS X Mavericks launch, but was voluntarily abandoned on October 28.

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  • Chrome262

    I don’t get it, so a company in Jamaica claimed OS X Maverics? and isn’t it Maveric, could that be the reason it was abandoned? miss spelling?

  • Nick

    No it means Apple registered it first in Jamaica to insure they have priority-previous filing status. It’s normally done in Jamaica because the filings are not publicized on the internet so it’s tougher to know exactly what company has trademarked (ie new product name)

  • Chrome262

    and why an S never got that, always thought it should be Maverick