Apple Canada Launches Mac/PC Trade-In Program, Offers Up to $2000 Credit


Apple has launched a new trade-in program in Canada, offering credit to customers who want to trade in their existing Mac or PC, with values up to $2,000 available (via MobileSyrup):

Simply tell us about your current Mac or PC to get an estimate. Then mail in your computer for free and choose how you’d like to receive your credit — with an Apple Store Gift Card, a MasterCard gift card or a deposit in your PayPal account. It’s that easy.

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Apple says once you use their online estimator tool (operated by third party Phobio), you then mail in your computer for free (they’ll send you a prepaid mailing label in 3-5 business days), and get your credit in either an Apple Store gift card, MasterCard gift card or a PayPal deposit.

Obviously, when it comes to these trade-in programs, values are not even close to what you could get versus selling on Craigslist, Kijiji or eBay, but for some people, they can’t be bothered to go through the hassle of posting ads and wasting time with tire kickers. These people are the target market for these types of trade-in programs.

Here are some estimated trade-in values, which will be dependent on the condition and model of your computer:

  • MacBook – up to $740
  • MacBook Air – up to $600
  • MacBook Pro – up to $1880
  • iMac – up to $1350
  • Mac Pro – up to $2000
  • PC – up to $840

Apple has an existing trade up program for iPhone, which offers up to $340 for your old device, in the form of Apple Store instant credit, or an Apple Store gift card.


  • Rob Raymond

    My 2011 MBA i7 was only offered $225. I was expecting much more for it.

  • Yeah, values are not great…

  • Kha Pham

    My 2013 $2500 MBP was offered $525. Not worth it

  • sukisszoze

    I’m going to ‘hand mine down’ at these values offered..

  • Kuroneko

    Haha, my Late 2015 iMac 4K 21″ worths only $310. It’s less than Keyboard ($129) plus Trackpad ($169) taxed. ($298 + 13%tax = $336.74)

  • Lol

  • Si2k78

    These trade in offers are hit and miss. Microsoft has good promotions sometimes that will promise a minimum trade in value for your trade in-those would givsometimes give you an over valuation for your trade in item.

  • MleB1

    They’re kidding, right? My 2011 11″ MacBook Air 4/128 with no damage and everything works just fine – $150.

    With that sort of ‘credit’, I’d be looking at a well-equipped PC notebook with more RAM and SSD for significantly less than current MacBook / Pro / Air.

    Hardly encourages your users (especially those on the fence as to value / capability of current Apple products) to stick with you. Like its a ‘favour’ to offer anything at all!

  • JasonVibe

    My late 2014 iMac 27” Core i7 4.0GHz 1TB Fusion Drive,worth $945.00 🙁

  • Si2k78

    You can sell that model for double or triple that on the open market

  • I don’t see the mini as an option for a trade in?

  • Ryan Ahrens

    I entered the serial no. for my old 2008 MBP, it brought up the specs, I answered the questions and then it told me that it’s not eligible. lol

  • Haha

  • MleB1

    But that would hardly benefit Apple the same way an ‘in house’ fair trade-in would – encouraging the user to buy into a replacement from them.
    But that’s the trade-off with trade-ins (regardless of product) – you often get more money if sold on the open market. But the goal of a retailer who offers a trade-in is to make it a one-stop shop – less trouble for you while offering a perceived benefit. I just don’t see any benefit here.
    In my case, its a bit like trading in a car you bought new 6 years ago from a dealership for $11,000 – keeping it serviced and in excellent condition – but you go back to the dealership and are only offered $1150 as trade-in on it for a replacement models that now cost $16,000.