Apple Introduces Fusion Drive For Macs, A Combination Of SSD & Standard HDD


With the introduction of all new 2012 iMac & updated Mac Mini, Apple has also debuted a new “Fusion Drive” that combines the benefits of a Flash SSD and a traditional hard disk drive. It comes in two options i.e a 128GB SSD combined with 1TB HDD and 128GB SSD combined with 3TB HDD.

According to Apple, the Fusion Drive performs on par with a standard SSD. The drive manages everything in the background and as you use the computer it learns what you use the most and moves those apps to the SSD to increase performance.

Fusion Drive is an innovative new storage option that gives customers the performance of flash storage and the capacity of a hard drive. It combines 128GB of flash with a standard 1TB or 3TB hard drive to create a single storage volume that intelligently manages files to optimize read and write performance. Fusion Drive adapts to the way you use your iMac and automatically moves the files and apps you use most often to flash storage to enable faster performance and quicker access.

The Fusion Drive works automatically with OS X Mountain Lion.


  • Will these be available separately (as an upgrade for existing systems for example) or only in new imacs and Mac Minis?

  • I’ve got something similar in my MacBook Pro. It’s a Momentus XT “Hybrid” drive from Seagate and I love it! It is quite noticeably faster. Not nearly as much flash storage as what Apple’s offering here (my drive is a 500GB with 4GB of SSD where frequently used files are mirrored) but it still makes a massive difference. 🙂

  • My guess is only in new iMacs and Mac Minis. From the looks of the x-ray images I caught a glimpse of in the keynote, the HDD and SSD are in two different places in the computer, so they’re not one standard-sized unit.

  • Apple_Pie

    These hybrid drives have been in the PC market for awhile now, but it is nice to know they are being adopted more, as the price will drop with more demand.