Apple iPhone 4 Free Case Program Is Now Live


Apple has launched their free case program for the iPhone 4.

As many remember, on July 16 Apple held an iPhone 4 press conference addressing some of the reception issues of the iPhone 4. The result of the conference was a free iPhone 4 Bumper case (or equivalent case) to all iPhone 4 customers.

iPhone 4 Bumper Program

If you have already purchased an iPhone 4 without a case, or will purchase an iPhone 4 next week in Canada, you will use the newly released application to claim the free iPhone 4 case. The claim your case, follow the process below:

1.) Download the iPhone 4 Case Program app from the App Store (not available in Canada yet).

2.) Launch the app on your iPhone 4. Sign in using your iTunes/Apple ID.

3.) Select your case.


  • For iPhone 4 purchases made before July 23, 2010, customers must apply to the program no later than August 22, 2010; otherwise, customers can apply within 30 days of their iPhone 4 purchase.
  • To qualify for the case program, customer must have purchased their iPhone 4 by September 30, 2010.

iPhone 4 Bumper Process For Existing Bumper Case Owners

For existing customers who purchased an iPhone 4 bumper case from Apple using their credit card, Apple has started automatic refunds.

For existing customers who purchased an iPhone 4 bumper case from an Apple Store using cash, debit, or gift card, return to the Apple Store with the purchasing receipt to receive a refund.

For existing customers who purchased an iPhone 4 bumper case from Apple Online using a gift card, Apple will mail you a new gift card for the refund amount.



  • Vartanarsen

    All: Very Nice Review from iLounge on all the Free Cases thruogh the App:

  • Vartanarsen
  • Colem


  • Wolv

    I wonder if they will have the antenna issue fixed by Sept 30th.. because that is when they will no longer offer the bumper deal. Maybe they just put an end date on the deal because this is merely a publicity stunt that people will forget about in a couple months..

  • Josh

    I love that Apple is doing this via app, very clever. Though, I'm curious what will happen when you purchase a new phone in the coming weeks, as us Canadians hope to do; can you get a case at time of purchase, or have to go through the app after the fact?

  • Mr. Mac

    If anyone gets the US app, can you please list the available cases? Is the otterbox among them?

  • Megavidiot

    great now i just a need a freakin phone!

  • Colem

    well said

  • Vartanarsen

    Hi Mr,. Mac:
    You will have the choice of the following:
    Apple iPhone 4 Bumper
    Incase Snap Case for iPhone 4 – Smoke
    Incase Snap Case for iPhone 4 – Clear
    Belkin Shield Micra for iPhone 4 – Clear
    Griffin Motif iPhone 4 Diamonds/Smoke
    Griffen Reveal Etch iPhone 4 – Black/Black Graphite
    Speck Fitted Case iPhone 4 – Black Tartan
    Speck PixelSkin HD iPhone 4 – Black

    Chantelle— can you petition Apple to include Antenna-Aid into their chioces for free cases??? LOL!!

  • guest

    Apple is giving you the case… not the carriers. I assume maybe if you buy it in an Apple Store you might get the case there. Otherwise you order it.

  • iPhone 3G 3GS case

    Good collection of every types of information related to this article,manage good verbal and understandable sentences for the viewers.

  • dreamscrapper

    Do you get the free bumper case ONLY if you buy the phone outright or do you qualify if you get the phone under a three year contract through Rogers or somewhere else?

  • Ex

    If you buy it not from an Apple Store, you use this ordering process.

  • djepsilon

    I am really starting to wonder why we haven't heard anything about upgrade policies from the Big 3. We are a week away for crying out loud! I thought for sure we would hear something today…

    Anyone want to start a specialized task force with me? Then we can infiltrate all the Big 3's headquarters and find out the info for ourselves! Plus, we can have snazzy outfits and a catchy theme song.

  • Cygnus

    EX! I need a question to be answered, and you seem like you would most likely know…

    When I buy my iPhone 4 next week, can I get my free bumper right then and there in the store? Or do I still have to order it online? I want a case on it when I leave the store so if I have to wait I will just buy one. Please help!

  • Ex

    From what we are hearing, it is all done online.

    We'll keep you updated.

  • xxJDxx

    are there any rumors of an updated iphone coming out with a corrected antenna?

    I suspect they will fix it quietly so as to avoid swapping the 3million+ that are already out there, but I am willing to wait if this is going to happen…

  • Chrome262

    I would be great to set up a reservation for the phone, but even i did it through the US site and get it going on for Toronto, will it be honored, You know set it up for saturday the 31st will I get the phone?

  • Mr. Mac

    Thank you very much! Helps a million. I'm surprised no one's posted a link to all of the options on the net yet.

  • Chrome262

    Ok i downloaded the apple store app. to see if i can use it to set up a reservation to by the phone. But the problem i am running into, is no store near me, or far from me has any day available later then the 29th. so next week i will try to see, but i bet all the canadian stores won't take them for the iphone until after launch. I will keep everyone posted if i succeed.

  • Cool! Incase's products are sweet.

  • Vartanarsen

    they did…in the Apple Forums

  • Therockerdude

    But what if we share an itunes account with someone???

  • Terence0015

    i hate my life>…..there is no pre order!!

  • Megavidiot

    I would have thought there would be some info on ordering by now, at least to tide us over for the weekend. C'mon Apple people!!!

  • newbie

    Anyone know if there will be a price reduction on 3Gs on the day (or near) the release of iphone 4? I am looking for my first iphone, and think 3GS has all I really need, esp. since it will be able to run the operating system update, right? (I saw bestbuy's telus deal, but I want to buy it outright…


  • Megavidiot

    depends on the outfits….must have some sort of tassle

  • Guest

    As well as Berets

  • this dude

    here's a gift for you guys, got 2 one-time use discount codes from zagg each for 25% off


    enjoy friends

  • Artie

    these are the cases we can pick from… what do you guys think of them??
    i think they’re all only okay.. all very bland

  • Artie

    these are the cases we can pick from… what do you guys think of them??
    i think they’re all only okay.. all very bland

  • G.

    I have it on solid info that the iphone4 will NOT launch on july 30th. A friend of mine is middle management at Fido, This is not due to the providers. The availability is logistics on the part of Apple. The Date will be launched as soon as stock arrives. I can't tell you when that will be. This is not as “tight a lipped” as it has been made to be. If some miracle happens with distribution, friday would still be unlikely.

  • TJ

    Steve already had a press conference and said that the release date would be July 30th and also on the bell website it says that it will be launched on the 30th not mention my cousin is a manager at Rogers and said that the release date would be the 30th but they're waiting before they say anything concrete so they can make a little profit

  • Noahattic

    i am surprised that we still don't have any details about upgrade policy on the iphone 4. there's only one week left…..

    i am confident that i will be eligible to upgrade since it's been two years already that I upgraded my iphone 3g in 2008…but, the fido new hup is kinda annoying me b/z fido doesn't start the new 3-year contract immediately when you upgrade the phone. it goes to finish your first 3 year contract and then start the new one. it doesn't sound any good. the more you upgrade your phone, the longer you're locked into….. i don't know how i deal with this mess…. any ideas, guys?

  • guest

    Prices dropped on contract about a month ago and most places have already sold out, with the phones already discontinued I would say you're out of luck.

  • LOL — Honestly giving away free Annenn-Aids would probably be more cost-effective than the Bumpers!

  • Spleenzorio

    Also I was at Best Buy today and they said they were getting the largest shipments in all of Canada and they are indeed releasing them on the 30th

  • TheRockerdude

    I still don/t get what we're supposed to do if we share an account with someone. I'm sure they wont mail out as many cases as you want…

  • G.

    Jobs also said the white model would be available. And it won't. Plus, think of the inconsistency in the history of 3G launches? was this the same for the 3G. No, we knew ahead of time. It just doesn't play for a launch on the 30th. It won't happen. I would love mine as much as everyone else but let's face facts. Nothing is lining up for a 30th launch. Plus, do you really trust a cel provider (Bell in this case) to give you anything but bull?

  • Ed

    any idea when this will be available in canada?

  • lmao OWNED

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  • Derinahmad2010

    i dd like this iphone i haded one but it was a chines