Apple Just Killed the 11-inch MacBook Air, No Longer for Sale


After introducing new 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro models with Touch Bar today (starting at $2,299 CAD), along with a Touch Bar-less 13-inch MacBook, Apple also quietly removed the 11-inch MacBook Air, as it is no longer for sale online (confirming previous rumours).

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When you navigate to the MacBook Air sales page, you only have options now for the 13-inch model, available in two configurations, starting at $1,199.

Have no fear though, as Apple Canada’s online refurb store currently still sells the 11-inch MacBook Air, starting at $929. These models date back to their most recent refresh from March 2015.

Update: In an interview with CNET, Apple said the 11-inch Air will still be used in schools and education.



  • MleB1

    Their recent iPad Pro ad says it all – why have a ‘real’ computer, when the Pro will do all you really need (while at the same time being a better direct conduit to their Apple Store, which is much, much better for Apple). The 11″ MacBook Air was their most affordable and smallest notebook and was in direct competition to the Pro. As ever, Apple deciding what the consumer ‘really wants’, rather than what the consumer really needs.

    Meanwhile, they’ve cranked the price of the perpetually underwhelming MacBook and thrown the price of the MBP into the stratosphere – doing all they can to make Mac products unattractive and the iPad Pro seem a ‘better deal’.

    But for students and others who still want a compact real computer / can’t afford the Apple Tax, the Company may find consumers look elsewhere – and find a small notebook (or tablet) that does all they need it to do – for less than the price of a basic iPad.