Apple Launches Back to School Promo in Canada from June 11-Sept. 21


It was reported last minute prior to WWDC 2012 that Apple planned to launch their Back to School promo today, and indeed they did. The promo is now live on and will offer a $100 iTunes Gift card to go with Mac purchases and $50 towards iPad purchases. You must purchase your Mac or iPad from Apple or an Authorized Campus Store between June 11th and September 21, 2012.

You also need to be eligible for education pricing (ie educator, university/college student). Education pricing is available for Macs but not the iPad. The Back to School Card may be used on the Mac App Store, the iTunes Store, the App Store and the iBookstore. If you get a refund on your new Mac or iPad, the amount returned maybe be reduced by the full amount of these promo cards.

With the 15″ next generation MacBook Pro announced with Retina Display released, maybe this is the time to buy a new MacBook!



  • Scuzzy

    You can also get a $200 discount on the Retina Display MacBook Pro!!!  Sold!

  • Alexandre Fortin

    do you know if you need to provide any kind of special information to buy through this program?? How do they validate? Thanks!

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  • Online = honour system

    In store = valid ID

  • Justice

    Lame. They used to give away an iPod with purchase.