Apple TV 4.2.1 Update Released to Address Flickering and More


Looks like Apple has released another update to the second generation Apple TV. The last update arrived with iOS 4.3 (introduced NBA League Pass and MLB TV), but this new minor update released today addresses the following issues:

  • TV compatibility: Addresses issues that may cause the screen to flicker or display incorrect color on some older TVs.
  • Wake from sleep: Addresses an issue where Apple TV may not wake up from sleep.
  • Audio: Addresses an issue where audio may not be heard on some TV models after switching from another input.
  • Stability and performance: Apple TV Software Update 4.2.1 includes stability and performance fixes for Apple TV

For those with jailbroken Apple TVs (i.e. to stream .AVIs from Mac/PC to Apple TV via XBMC), updating will erase your jailbreak. But, if you’ve been running into issues update right away (here’s a video of the process).



  • “For those with jailbroken Apple TVs (i.e. to stream .AVIs from Mac/PC to Apple TV via XBMC)”

    Why Jailbreak when you can use Airflick to play .avi’s .flv’s and all those other fancy formats?

  • Some like XBMC on Apple TV.

  • maxgruv

    BEWARE OF THIS UPDATE! Immediately after updating my Apple TV tonight, I could no longer access Netflix. According to a huge thread on the Apple support forums, many others are having the same issue. If you use Apple TV for Netflix, I would skip this update until Apple sorts things out (this is an Apple issue, as Netflix can be played fine in other devices).

  • maxgruv

    UPDATE: Looks like they fixed it, Netflix is back online via Apple TV (for now, at least).

  • Lucinosferatu

    I would rather my apple tv take care of the decoding via xbmc than my computer transcoding it. Particularly when I’m using my computer.

  • It had nothing to do with the update. Netflix was down intermittently last night and all day today. Apparently all is fixed now except I heard some ppl were still having trouble with PS3s.

  • Vazandrew

    Yes, Netflix was down. It just happened to coincide with when Apple released their update, but it was a separate issue. It seems to be fine now.

  • It was a problem with netflix apparently not Apple tv. I know this because netflix sent me an email offering a 3% discount due to my technical difficulty that I may have had (which I didn’t have) they still admitted fault and a discount to make sure all is well.