Apple TV Jailbroken Using SHAtter: Video


Apple TV units have started to arrive this week. You saw our latest Apple TV unboxing post. There was word before that Apple TV runs iOS and that the latest SHAtter exploit could indeed jailbreak the device.

Well, history has been made as iPhone Dev Team member, Musclenerd has successfully jailbroken the new Apple TV. Here’s what he posted via twitter:

AppleTV 2G SHAttered and jailbroken (not quite sure how to run apps yet!)

Musclenerd also posted a video of the process:

How to Put Apple TV into DFU Mode–Discovered!

There’s even more news on the Apple TV hacking front. Twitter user @StealthBravo figured out how to put Apple TV into DFU mode, via a microUSB cable:

DFU Mode ATV: Plugin with microUSB only and then hold menu+down for 6 secs to reboot, then immediately hold menu+play.

This is an incredible development with the new Apple TV (aside from built in Netflix Canada integration). The jailbreak is not ready for a public release yet. Kudos to these guys for figuring this stuff out. Bring on the apps?


  • Wuju

    cool. now if only one could play RMVB files via jairlbreaking. I’ll jump on the Apple TV wagon 🙂

    Anybody knows if possible and how?

  • rufi

    Hope it will enable Facetime on TV

  • Cgomboc

    What does jailbreaking apple tv accomplish??

  • TeenWolf

    C’mon AirVideo!

  • I got my AppleTV2 last night and I must say it is a nice piece of hardware. Sharing media with it using the home sharing feature leave to desire. I have to keep my other Mac on all the time to get to the iTunes shared movies, music, etc, etc… but all of this already sit on a HP Windows Home Server and shared on the network.

    I am looking forward to an add-on to the ATV2 that will allow me to read those ATV2 compatible files straight from a network share.

    Right now my Video/Music sharing is like:

    HP WHS -> iMac -> ATV2

    where I would like

    HP WHS -> ATV2

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