Apple Working On Improved Battery Life For iDevices?


Reports today point to Apple doing some research into development techniques to maximize lithium batteries by ensuring they run longer without making the batteries physically larger. Such batteries are found in Apple’s MacBook line of computers and iDevices.

AppleInsider reports on an Apple patent filing called “Increasing Energy Density in Rechargeable Lithium Battery Cells”. The technique described in the filing uses a method called “multi-step constant-current constant-voltage (CC-CV) charging technique.” It sounds good, as any increased battery life in iDevices is always a wonderful thing.

The battery patent further describes new charging methods that would reduce battery degradation over time. Again, good in theory.

I hope this all ends up becoming available in the next iPhone!



  • Smirkyfurious

    This is a story really? Every manufacturer is trying to do the same thing

  • Yes, why wouldn’t it be? This is a battery patent filing by Apple. Was there something else you wanted covered?

  • Roy DonovN

    gary do u think there will be 2 models., the less expencive and the more expencive?

  • iPhone models? Reports seem to indicate that. Apple has waiting long enough
    to introduce a ‘lower cost’ iPhone. They never had to before since there was
    no need to. The competition sucked.

  • Roy DonovN

    so true

  • Auto Strada

    haha, the funny thing is you could’ve done something more productive in life than posting on a story that you didn’t think was news worthy.

  • Auto Strada

    agree with Gary, but they’ve already started that by introducing the 8gb 3GS when the iP4 came out.

    i think it’ll be the same thing with the iP4 when the iP5 comes out, only less expensive than the 8gb 3GS is now.

  • Its good that Apple is targeting this, because it seems to be one of the first questions that leaves customers mouth “hows the battery life?” its true that every manufacturer is shooting for the same goal, but i think its apple is truly the only one who going to hit that outstanding mark. just like how they set the standard for battery use with the iPhone 4.

  • Redcow

    need that new technology now even with my iPhone 4. Full charge will only go to 90% according to BatteryinfoLite even though iPhone itself claims to be fully charged at 100%, and will be done after 12 hours of usage. Not a heavy user, mostly surf web and maybe 10-15 phone calls, emails.
    Anyone have iPhone 4 battery doing so poorly?