David Letterman: Top 10 Signs You’ve Purchased A Bad iPhone


The last few weeks have largely focused on the iPhone 4 and related antenna problem. Just like when the iPhone 4 prototype was lost, this antenna issue has also gone mainstream pretty quick.

Now, the iPhone 4 drama has reached David Letterman and we bring you another clip of the David Letterman “Late Show Top Ten”.

David Letterman has made another top ten list for the iPhone, this time called the “Top 10 Signs You’ve Purchased A Bad iPhone”. Check out the list below:

10. To make a call, you have to insert a quarter
9. Automatically answers every call with a computerized, “Yello!”
8. Operates on 20 “D” batteries
7. Pre-loaded with naked photos of Steve Jobs
6. You keep getting anonymous texts reading, “iPhone Kill You”
5. “Apple Store” looks suspiciously like some dude’s trunk
4. Looks, smells, and tastes like a Pop-Tart
3. There’s no lather when washing your cornea (Oh, I’m sorry, that’s a sign you’ve purchased a bad eye foam)
2. You check your email and it shocks your nuts
1. Only accepts calls from Mel Gibson


  • Sgtboy

    1) When held in your hand the phone stops working

    Oh…that's real

  • Erik W

    This is the BEST summary of the issue in the real-world that I've seen to date, and I've seen them all.

    Mostly, the reality is that some people have the issue, and tons of other don't. And for the ones that see the issue, most are still keeping their iPhones. Doesn't that speak the loudest?

  • roadcarver

    Having a phone and not being able to make a proper phone call, I think that is a big issue. The early adopters should go back and get a refund. This will send Apple a strong message to listen to its customers – well I hope.

  • djepsilon

    Agreed and agreed. Rest assured, the iPhone4 will continue to sell like hot cakes.

  • Noahattic

    i mean, to meet the dropping- phonecall problem, there're so many condictions.

    1. you skin is kinda conductive or you got some sweat on your hand.
    2. you touch the death spot of i”phone” 4
    3. you're in the area which is considered a weak signal area.

    that's why some ppl have, some don't. it doesn't mean it's not a problem for everyone. just the other way, it's a big problem that everyone can meet as long as satisfy the above conditions and those conditions is kinda common.

    i always think about this scene: i receive an important phone call when i hold a cup of coffee on the street, and i need to take some note to keep some important points from the conversation, i just habitually switch my left hand to hold the iphone 4, so i can use my right hand to write some letters…… then…..” hello? hello?”….. this is really normal action happens every day. what about something emergency? oh my my…..