Designer Envisions What a Gold Mac Pro Would Look Like [PICS]


We’ve already shown you the brilliant red-coloured Mac Pro Apple’s Jony Ive designed for charity, but what about the same computer in gold? Leave it up to designer Martin Hajek to once again dream up what Apple could do.

Hajek has shown off multiple images on Flickr of what a gold Mac Pro would look like alongside a gold wireless keyboard and Magic Mouse, with the tagline “Bling Bling computing”. Check out a few of the images below:

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Mac pro gold

If you want to see what a gold iPad Air would look like, Hajek already covered that a couple weeks ago along with a blue ‘iWatch C’.

The Mac Pro is set to launch in December and the base quad-core configuration will cost $3,099 CDN, while the 6-core starts at $4,099 CDN ($100 higher compared to US prices). You can check out the Mac Pro’s promo video below:

Will you be seeing a (gold) Mac Pro in your future anytime soon?


  • Olley

    fuck ugly

  • K3

    So does ur mom

  • shinratdr

    That looks more like the gold of a gold iPod Mini than the gold iPhone 5s. Not great. The 5s champagne gold would look nice, this looks gaudy.

  • m Arch Tom’s on Bar N Ass

    russian design or “designed for russians” ? it’s hilarious , i can’t take this SIT seriously. i don’t even want to know who designed “concept” . marc

  • K3

    Hey buddy use your own tag if you want to post garbage like that here.

  • ????Dennis

    Don’t worry we know it’s not the real K3 writing that…. Now if you were replyin to AL, that would be believable. Hahah

  • Tim

    I’d hazard to guess that there is an inverse relationship between the quality of Apple product concepts and the amount of love the creator is getting. Something like this pretty much says, “I never get laid”.

  • K3

    ????????..that guy would miss me here.

  • Dan

    Looks like a job for Colorware