IBM Says Macs Are Much Cheaper Than PCs Over Time


According to IBM, Macs are far cheaper than PCs for businesses to use, as far as the total cost of ownership.


recent report from IBM says data has shown that it saves the company anywhere from $273 to $543 over a four-year period for every employee who opts for a Mac over a PC.

“But isn’t it expensive, and doesn’t it overload IT? No. IBM found that not only do PCs drive twice the amount of support calls, they’re also three times more expensive. That’s right, depending on the model, IBM is saving anywhere from $273 – $543 per Mac compared to a PC, over a four-year lifespan,” said IBM VP of Workplace as a Service Fletcher Previn at the Jamf Nation User Conference yesterday.

It is important to note that IBM no longer makes Windows PCs, and the company is also Apple’s primary partner in selling devices to large businesses. As such, IBM is in a place where it can determine such facts regarding its employees’ use of computers.

In fact, IBM is Apple’s largest corporate customer in the world, as the New York-based computer hardware company has deployed to use of over 90,000 Mac computers. IBM is expected to top 100,000 devices by the end of the year.

IBM, which decided to allow its employees to choose either Macs or PCs as of last year, reported that PCs drive about double the amount of support calls when compared to Macs. IBM employees also have been “overwhelmingly” opting for Macs, as about 73 percent of employees say they want their next computer to be a Mac, not a PC.


  • Tim

    On a personal level, I’ve had my mbp laptop since 2010 and haven’t really seen a reason to upgrade. It’s a bit slow, but when I need to use intensive design related applications I use my desktop and split the laptop (aka web browsing) time with my 6 plus. A PC laptop would never last 6 years and still feel useful. That premium you pay up front is really quite a savings in the long run.

  • FragilityG4

    Plus the resale is higher. I had a MacBook for seven years and when I finally upgraded to a MacBook Pro I sold the old MacBook for $400. Considering I bought it for $1000 seven years earlier I think that’s a pretty good sale!

  • OliChabot

    Same thing for a personnal use IMO. I use my laptop everyday and with a PC I would need to change it every 2-3 years because it would get soooo slow and full of viruses. I have Macs since 2011 and could not be happier. Fast, reponsive, high quality, nice updates and ”it just works”. I don’t plan on returning to a Windows computer anytime soon. Just sad that with the currency prices are pretty high.

  • codeblue009

    there are some PC, premium / expensive ones that probably last 8years … I am just guessing … probably a razer blade laptop.

  • codeblue009

    I also have a macbook(white) late 2009, for about 7 years now. I had to upgrade the ram after 2 years, i went with the max 8gb. replaced the battery after 3 years. Then just last year upgraded to ssd. it runs perfectly, like new! cost was about 950$CAD+tx (way over priced for the specs, paid off in long run) + 170$ (ram+ssd) + 160$ (battery) over 7 years…will try to hold on to it for another 2 years or more if it happens to keep performing. But 8gb will be old news soon, I guess.