iPad mini to Use Nano SIM for LTE Models Instead of Micro SIM


The iPad mini announced today will have an LTE version like its older siblings the iPad 3 and 4th generation iPad. But what makes it special is Apple has updated the unit to use the smaller nano SIM card we first saw in the debut of the iPhone 5.

As noted on Apple’s iPad comparison page, it clearly mentions the use of nano SIM cards while the iPad 2 and 4th gen iPad will still use the older and ‘larger’ micro SIM:

The iPad mini with cellular option will work with LTE networks in Canada from Rogers, Bell, TELUS, SaskTel and MTS as noted on their wireless page:

There was no doubt the cellular option for the iPad would work in Canada, as our ‘Big 3’ carriers have worked very hard to establish their LTE networks. The 3rd gen iPad debuted with LTE, and Canada had three of five official carriers to support the faster networking.


  • ZirakC

    Typo: 3rd gen not 4th gen iPad

  • Corrected. iPad 3rd gen and iPad 4th gen has LTE (today’s refresh).

  • Harith

    There was no doubt the cellular option for the iPad would work …. right?

  • Yes T_T

  • NYOB

    Will the nano sim card from my iphone 5 work in an ipad 3 with a sim card adapter? I assume it wouldn’t work with an iPad 2 because the 2 is 3G, but I can’t find any info on whether it’s backwards compatible. For the most part, I would be using my ipad for basic internet browsing at home, with my wifi network, but I want the option of being able to use my grandfathered unlimited data for my iPhone account in an iPad when I’m camping, instead of having to pay $25/month for limited data with att. Thoughts?