iPhone 5S Coming in June in Multiple Colours, Better Camera Says Analyst


The iPhone 5S is expected to come out June next year, breaking the product release cycle pattern established over the past couple years, Peter Misek, a Jefferies analyst stated in a note Monday morning, BusinessInsider reports.

iPod Touch
According to Misek, the iPhone 5S will feature an improved (super HD) camera and screen, NFC (yes, the eagerly awaited NFC) and a better battery. In addition, the iPhone 5S will be available in up to eight colors, similar to the iPod Touch, which is already shipped in multiple colors.

A June launch means a flip back to the mid-year launch similar to the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 launch. While Misek doesn’t support his statement, a possible explanation could be in the iPhone sales numbers Apple recorded for Q3 and Q4 during the past two years, when the handset was launched in the September/October time frame.


  • Guest

    Apple so behind in there releases, always making the first iPhone 5 for example a lesser quality one then the 5S comes out with better blah blah blah making people suffer, wish Cydia would be availabe in Android would make life with a smart phone much nicer and funner

  • Apple so behind in there releases, always making the first iPhone 5 for example a lesser quality one then the 5S comes out with better blah blah blah making people suffer, Cydia would be available in Android would make life with a smart phone much nicer and funner

  • K3

    Maybe the “s” versions will hit in June from now on but any version the year before will be released in the fall time frame.

  • Olley

    So Apple should release a phone and push out a new iOS every 2 months like Android/HTC/whoever?

  • Ct

    Not buying another’s phone until the screen is bigger like the S3

  • HelloWorld

    “super” HD hahaha, thanks for the good laugh.

  • FragilityG4

    iPhone 5 sales would beg to differ …

  • FragilityG4

    Yeah so I can get a backpack as a case.

  • Noel

    Very much doubt it will be in multiple colours as that just increases inventory cost (and Apple is really against inventory) and they know most people put a case on it anyway, which negates the whole concept of colour (except for the very front).

  • KJ

    No doubt go buy a samsung if you need a zack Morris phone…I have played with so many s3. Feels like I’m holding a psp

  • You know if Apple did a big-screen phone they’d do it right. C’mon it’s time. There’s a definitely a large market for big-screen phones just like there’s a large market for small tablets. There’s nothing wrong with options.

  • smallville944

    I Doubt the iPhone 5S will have NFC I bet iPhone 6 will be the the earliest they introduce NFC I am hoping it has a bigger screen though like “4.5” or so but I think they may make it wider but not taller

  • FragilityG4

    When Steve Jobs came back to Apple the first thing he said is “You have too many products” he cut it down and with some innovative ideas brought the company back. Less is more. Right now the idea of making a product for every single possible market is working for Samsung … But history shows us that eventually they will cannibalize themselves with too many options.

  • KJ

    Exactly….who wants such a huge screen. I have never felt a Samsung s1,2 or 3 to be comfortable.big and bulky

  • hank

    True. And as a rule of thumb, those who wants big stuff just wants to compensate for something small that they have. hehe!

  • Dr Prez

    Die hard apple fans make me laugh sometimes. Any excuse is good to justify why the iphones have such a small screen. Apple has to rethink their business plan as releasing a phone a year does not cut it anymore. For every iphone that gets released there are about 30 android phones that hit the market, each faster than the last. The days where apple had total control of the market are long gone and it isn’t leading the pack anymore. Releasing the 5S in June won’t be good enough either as both the S4 and HTC’s Butterfly and M7 will be out by then with a full HD 5″ screen with a whooping 440+ PPI, quad core processors clocked at 2GHZ, 13 MP cameras and microSD slots. Samsung’s note phablets have sold over 15 millions units so don’t tell me that there isn’t a market for big phones. Apple will be in trouble if they continue making only one phone model. Android makes for 75% of the market as we speak and it is an open source OS with millions of developers and users working on improving it every day. The ipad got a full size and a mini variant why cant the iphone be the same ?

  • FragilityG4

    Says the fAndriod trolling on a iPhone site ….

  • Dr Prez

    In this day and age news get pushed in thousands if different ways. In my case I read this article on my flipboard widget. I’m sorry if that offended you. Perhaps Web pages and articles that have Apple content should only be viewable by Apple products owners ? This way no one could challenge your views on the California company. Oh wait, that would be just as ridiculous as your comment was gratuitous. Next time think twice about criticizing someone who has owned EVERY iphone to date, has 2 ipads and an ipod’s views. Read my post again, I didn’t mention once that either android or Apple phones were better than the other. Have a good day.

  • FragilityG4

    I’m not offended … Sounds like you are.

  • Dr Prez

    Not at all. Just looks like you always have to get your opinion across when someone says something that you dont agree with regarding apple. You might enjoy phones that have a smaller screen, that’s fine but some people don’t. Everyone has an opinion but try and support yours with facts next time, not backpacks. Lol, until next time my friend

  • FragilityG4

    Isn’t voicing ones opinion, like you are, the essence of Disqus?

    At the end of the day screen sizes are merely subjective and not objective as you attempt to portray it to be.

  • Dr Prez

    Yes, that is basically what my last post said. Do you even take the time to read what other posters are writing or do you just reply for the sake of it ? And I agree, when it comes to apple products picking your screen size is subjective as there is only one size available. Apple is very good at what it does but times have changed and customers want options. Android was basically created because of that. Both OS are great and entirely different. Consumers wanted options and they got them.

  • FragilityG4

    I finally understand your point … Everyone is entitled to your opinion. You made a joke about Apple fans and I countered with a fAndriod remark and you blew up … Anyways this conversation isn’t worth it anymore ……

  • Tom

    YEAH! That’s what I’m talking about, baby!!!

  • Dr Prez

    I made a joke about Apple fans ? No, I made an observation about DIE HARD Apple fans that you so eagerly proved by trying to get me to sink to your level by calling me a fandroid. THAT, my friend is typical fanboy behaviour. Learn how pick your battles better and maybe one day you will be able to hold your own in a civilized conversation. Until then I will continue to objectively enjoy both my ios and Android products.