iTunes 12.0.1 Download Now Available; Security Update for OS X Mavericks


Along with Apple pushing out OS X Yosemite, iTunes 12.0.1 is now available as well, which has ‘many design and performance improvements’.

Screenshot 2014 10 16 14 44 11

The download is also available straight from Apple’s website.

Also available is the 2014-005 security update for OS X Mavericks users, which you can download here.



  • talkiewalkie

    Nothing beats iTunes 10.7. Faster syncing, faster iTunes match, multiple windows, better music organization. There is really no downside. Unfortunately, Apple has decided to continue on the path of iTunes 11 with iTunes 12, so I will not be upgrading. My issues with iTunes 11 and syncing were the reasons I went out of my way to find a ios 6.1.4 iPhone 5, so I could continue using iTunes 10.7.
    I guess I’ll wait to see what iTunes 13 brings next year. 🙂

    I can only hope, Apple can return iTunes to the fantastic music player, it ONCE was.

  • teflon

    Is it just me or does itunes get worse with every update. Wish it was like it used to be.

  • Dave

    I really like this update.

    While the fundamentals of iTunes haven’t really changed, there are a lot of subtle UI changes that make it a lot more intuitive and a lot easier to navigate. It also seems faster and more fluid. And of course, there’s a fresh coat of paint.

  • Salinger

    I’d be happy if they just did an upgrade that allows me to more easily synch my music and videos to my iPhone. I had all kinds of trouble and in the end had to use an obscure work-around I found on one of the Apple blogs just to get all my media onto my phone properly. Now I’m afraid to do anything that might re-synch it because I’m afraid it’ll mess everything up again.

  • DG

    Totally…….about 2 or 3 versions ago it made sense to me and was easy to navigate my podcasts. Now it gives me a headache..not to mention can the type get ANY smaller???