Apple Said to Test ARM-based Mac Prototypes with New Keyboard and Bigger Magic Trackpad


Apple is actively working on bringing ARM processors to its Mac line, according to French site MacBidouille (via MacRumors). Citing a reliable source, the site claims Apple has several ARM-based Mac computers in the works, including an iMac, a Mac mini, a 13-inch laptop with 4-8 64-bit quad-core ARM processors.

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If we can believe these rumours, the aforementioned computers feature a new keyboard and a larger Magic Trackpad.

The MacBidouille report revives earlier rumours of ARM-based Mac computers that have been around for years, and Apple has been playing around with the idea so it seems.

Two years ago, Bloomberg reported that Apple might switch from Intel processors, as the company engineers were confident that the chip designs used for its mobile devices would be powerful enough to run desktops and laptops, people familiar with the matter told the newspaper back then.

There are a couple pro arguments, such as costs and design: for example, Intel’s chips are very expensive, and Apple needs to maintain good margins, to keep its investors happy. Secondly, the current design path of Intel’s chips is allegedly lagging behind where Apple want to be in ultra-mobile, according to Anand Shimpi of AnandTech.


  • Tyler Hojberg

    I’ve always wondered (since the first white iPhone) if Apple would ever do a MBP with white keyboard and bezel. I think that’d be great! Additionally, increasing the size of the track pad and adding pressure sensitivity would take the MacBook Pro to new heights. I’m a comic book artist, and I know plenty of professionals who could benefit from that – even if it’s only capable of light edit work and a few thousand levels of sensitivity, it would be an enormous improvement. Microsoft just ditched Wacom digitizers, Apple should scoop them up and do something meaningful with the technology.