2011 MacBook Pro GPU Class-Action Lawsuit Extends to Canada


Earlier in October, affected customers filed a class-action lawsuit against Apple over GPU issues concerning 15- and 17-inch MacBook Pros. Now that lawsuit get extended in Canada as well through Lex Group, which has launched and is pursuing a national class action against Apple Canada and Apple over the same issue in Montreal.

Macbook pro 2011 graphics issue

The Lex Group argues that certain Apple MacBook Pro laptops equipped with an AMD graphics processing unit (GPU) are affected by a manufacturing defect and suffer from graphical issues, as mentioned in the US class-action lawsuit.

The petition mentions that Apple, in some cases, replaced consumers’ entire logic boards in response to the GPU defect, but the new logic board didn’t solve the issue because it used the same “lead-free solder” (the root cause of the problem) to connect the AMD GPU.

An out-of-warranty logic board replacement costs users more than $600, and Apple has failed to reimburse owners for out-of-pocket repairs and ignored the claims of the thousands of customers, the petition states.

Canadian owners of 15-inch and 17-inch MacBook Pros (2011) are invited to join the class-action lawsuit, and they may be entitled to compensation should the court authorize the class action or should a settlement be reached.


  • rupadh

    I had this problem on my MBPro 17-inch (bought Feb-2011) and apple store replaced my logic board charging me around $600 around last year. Still I see the problem occurring occasionally now as well but not as intense before changing the logic board.

    How to include my name in the petition?

  • IstvanFekete

    Complete the from on Lex Group’s website:

  • rupadh

    Tried joining the lawsuit after completing the form and click submit, our corporate servers blocked the link specifying it has pornography links.

  • Mary Boenig

    I have had this issue with my qualifying 15″ Mac Book Pro. Not only did my graphics card go, I have brown spots on my leg from the heat from my laptop. The burn occurred a couple of years ago, and so I no longer used it on my lap. It was my first Mac. I have since replaced it with another Mac Book Pro, I will be looking into getting my 15″ one fixed. Just sad that I was told I had to replace it initially, and I am unable to get my info off of it. I just heard about this fix, so I guess that I will look into getting it fixed.