Microsoft Releases Another Ad Mocking Apple’s MacBook Air [VIDEO]


Microsoft has released yet another ad poking fun at Apple’s MacBook Air, declaring the latter inferior to their Surface Pro 4 tablet.

The 30-second Surface Pro 4 ad spot says the MacBook is “less useful like a hat for your cat” and it “doesn’t quite compare,” since it’s “slower, heavier and a bit square.”

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The Surface Pro 4, with its touchscreen and removable keyboard are the key advantages over the MacBook Air, explains Microsoft. Check out the ad below:

These ads aren’t new, as they just add to the previous Microsoft attack ads on the aging MacBook Air, such as these ones dating back to 2014.

Earlier this month, Microsoft used its virtual assistant Cortana to take shots at the iPad Pro, challenging the latter in its claim to be a computer.


  • Jim

    That’s kinda dumb. Shouldn’t they be going against iPad Pro? cause they stand no chance…

  • MleB1

    Here’s the thing – I bought my MacBook Air (11″, 4 / 128) nearly 5 years ago. It does everything I need to do, its OS is current and, if there’s ever a problem (knock on wood, nothing significant so far), I can walk it into the nearest Apple (Store). I had been – mostly – a Win user up until then, but the looming Win8 ‘upgrade’ was nothing I wanted to get involved in, and I was tired of finding I had to upgrade to a new computer every 2 years or so, to keep up with the OS and software. And I happened to get it on a sale, at just under $CDN1000 at the time. And that wasn’t even taking advantage of Apple’s own online Refurb Store.
    Microsoft Surface Pro 4 (12.3″, 4 / 128) costs $180 more than current Air (then add $170 for keyboard cover) and may or may not have current Win10 installed. I get the benefit of a touch screen, but again, for what I do, I don’t need it. If something goes pear-shaped with the device, while I have a Microsoft Store near me, it’ll still likely mean mailing it off to some repair facility…somewhere…and eventually getting it back. Or not.

    They’re two different devices – compare it as at tablet to the iPad Pro (as noted by ‘Jim’), especially as Apple has the chutzpah to suggest it can do all a computer can do, plus it includes the usual Apple Tax. Otherwise, it’s a nonsensical comparison.