Netflix Launches in Canada Tomorrow: Apple TV Time?


When Apple launched their ‘new’ Apple TV at their iPod Event, the revised price tag caught my eye. At $119 CDN ($99US), that price point fits into the “impulse buy” category. Do I need Apple TV? I don’t know yet, although for AirPlay, I just might. But for the same price as a pair of new shoes, heck, maybe I do need one! Imagine what’s going to happen during this holiday season. Dads won’t be getting ties or socks anymore–they’ll want an…Apple TV instead?

Netflix is Launching in Canada Tomorrow, Wednesday, September 22

One of the major announcements was the integration of Netflix with Apple TV. Netflix is only available in the USA but that is going to change as of tomorrow. Why? Because Netflix is finally launching in Canada.

The Vancouver Sun’s tech reporter, Gillian Shaw, confirmed what everybody has been dreaming about:

Netflix launches in Canada Wednesday. offering Canadians movies and television shows in an online subscription service.

Unlike video-on-demand and pay per view options, Netflix chargers viewers a monthly fee to access to online entertainment.. In the United States, the service is available both online and through mail order for DVDs. However the company said earlier when it announced it plans to launch in Canada that the service here would be online only.

Netflix co-founder and chief executive Reed Hastings will be in Toronto for the launch, with a news conference slated for 9:30 a.m. Toronto time.

Netflix in Canada will be an online only service. I don’t care about the whole DVD-mail-out service. That’s too much of a carbon footprint. If the pricing is aggressive enough, I can see many people signing up for streaming Netflix services. Apple TV will help streamline that service right to your home. I know many people get their movies/tv in “other ways” (ie downloading), but for the average Joe/Jane Netflix may come as a very easy solution to consume the latest media.

What do you think? Are you excited for Netflix in Canada? Click here to sign up for a one month free trial.

In other news, Shaw warns the CRTC of Google/Apple TV–while they have just gobbled up Canwest Media. Seems like the ‘old boys’ of cable are getting a bit worried?

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  • So how does one view streamed Netflix movies on a Mac? Just through a browser? I have my Mac mini w/HDMI hooked up to my HDTV. If I can get all-you-can-eat movies for $15 per month, I’m in.

  • Wipdeedoo

    I’d be worried about exceeding download bandwidth limits.

  • Iwybip

    Very excited about the announcement tomorrow! Im proud of Canada for allowing this finally

  • Benoitgdpr

    Very excited too but I would be more excited if Apple would have announced the availability of TV shows rentals in Canada

  • Anonymous

    Ah don’t worry Shaw (or Rogers/Bell/Telus) the folks who don’t watch your TV are still paying for your Internet service so they will just use up even more of it and most likely go over. Good thing you guys put caps on it years ago!


  • guys, wait a minute! were going to have access to netflix but, what content are we going to be able to stream…. I’m putty sure the crtc is going to screw us over !!!!!! waiiiitttt and see !

  • ChzPlz

    hell, if I can get all-you-can-eat US network TV shows for $15/mo, I’m in and BellTV is out.

  • George

    Unfortunately most Canadians have monthly download/upload limits imposed on them by such wonderful providers like Rogers, Bell, Videotron and others. This is going to be a real show stopper.

  • The interesting thing will be the actual technical requirements to make this work. The article isn’t that clear exactly what the definition of “online” is. Is online just through a browser? I have Apple TV, and I imagine that Apple could release an update that would link in NetFlix under the “internet” settings however is this classed as “online?” I highly doubt if I check “updates” on my Apple TV I will see a NetFlix option tomorrow, but then….

    Is Apple TV deemed (or will be) a STB and therefore under the regulation of TV and CRTC or is it merely an “internet streaming device?” The latter in most minds as the content is delivered through internet connect rather than cable.

    My only worry is that it’s great to have access but it’s all going to be down to the quality of the content. What licensors will give up and whether NetFlix Canada will simply go down the route of iTunes for the first couple of years in showing only Canadian content until various rights are finalized to open up to more mainstream. If mainstream content starts to flow in then it may only be time before major channels kick up a fuss to have TV anywhere initiatives come under the same scrutiny of regulation.

  • Anonymous

    I personally can’t wait for all of the above. I love my current AppleTV and at $119 for the new one, I now have an excuse to get one for every tv in the house. And Gary, who are you kidding? You know you waaaaaaaaaant it!

  • Isn’t there already a restriction on macs insofar of watching movies on an external screen? I am pretty sure there is something built in to prevent something along the lines of an external monitor as I came across it before. It might be DVD related though, any insights?

  • I share the same concerns as many others who have commented that it waits to be seen if we will really get much in the way of content. Also, Apple TV or Boxee Box? It sure sounds like the Boxee Box is a better option in terms of its features including the Boxee app that really pulls together so much free Internet content. But, like you said, AirPlay almost worth the $119 impulse buy for streaming from iPad, iPhone and iPod. We live in exciting times!

  • Or both, you can install Boxee on Apple TV, however its the $119 price bracket that hopefully will drive adoption. Adoption is critical in Canada simply due to the low population and demand. If something like this takes off then it opens up so much more weight for other initiatives and startups to bring content to many devices.

  • Anonymous

    Yak has unlimited bandwidth download and tekksavvy has 200 gb download per month both are around 35 bucks and have 6 mbs d/l speeds

  • Marc W.

    As soon as the new Apple TV was announced I purchased it. Just waiting for it to ship. The Apple Web site currently says it will ship in 2-3 weeks. I can’t wait!


    Thats awesome now I can stream it with my PS3.

    Apple TV wont let me stream mkv (HD Files) and PS3 is possible.

    Great news guys

  • Kerry

    On a Mac you access Netflix via a web browser, sign in and pick your movie to stream. Screen goes to full screen mode with command-f. Been doing for a year now form Canada through the US site using vpn software.

  • Kerry

    Netflix doesn’t offer all USA network TV and what they offer is delayed.

  • shelley

    And two days after Netflix announced that they would soon be moving into Canada, Rogers *reduced* the bandwidth cap on their two most popular internet plans.

  • Yep, I’ve been with Teksavvy for about 2 years now and would suggest others do the same. With their generous 200gb monthly allowance I basically never need to worry about bandwidth, the way it SHOULD be.

    There are going to be a lot of shocked Rogers and Bell customers a month after they get Netflix when the bill rolls in.

  • The problem is the specialty channels. I would have switched to OTA months ago (a friend has it and I’m impressed) only IF I could still get the few specialty channels I watch, mainly Discovery and TLC. Until then, we are left with the Rogers stranglehold simply to get a few subscription based channels that you simply can’t get OTA.

  • Josh

    The site has been updated with prices and content. $7.99 per month, unlimited streaming. Selection is, at best, limited. Support for PC, Mac, Wii and PS3; XBox 360 coming in the fall. Says streaming through iPad and iPhone apps, though the apps are not yet available in the app store. No mention of Apple TV.

  • David

    Cancel Rogers and sign up with TekSavvy. Great speed and unlimited internet! Love it.

  • David

    Cancel Rogers and sign up with TekSavvy. Great speed and unlimited internet! Love it.

  • Leelee

    I signed up right away this morning. I’ve never used Netflix in the USA though, but it seems like all the movies are old? I tried Star Wars, Friday the 13th just a few randoms, none were available. I mean $7.99 isn’t bad just wondering if it’s like this in the USA as well with only old movies or if there’s a chance more will come?

  • Josh

    Ah, I see the app is now in the Canadian app store!

  • Kerry

    i know of no restrictions. i have a 42″ sony plugged into my mac mini and it’s been my tv for 2 years.

  • Kerry

    It’s not about all you can eat. its what they feed you, which is pretty limited.

  • deebs

    I agree. Selection is pretty limited so far. I mean really, The Burbs is considered a popular pick on Netflix! try searching for your shows first before signing on.

  • Randy

    I signed up first thing this morning as well. At work, so can’t actually try it out but I have scanned the selection.

    Yes, limited for sure, but still, first month free and only eight bucks a month afterward, there’s certainly enough content there to make it worth my while (and $8) for a few months at least.

    I have no doubt content will improve and expand as time progresses. Does anyone remember when the iTunes store first launched in Canada? The selection was pathetic. Now, while not quite as robust as the US Store, there is very little I search for, that I can’t find.

    I have confidence that the clout of the Netflix brand will bring more content on board soon, and if not, it only takes a couple of clicks to cancel.

  • ~Tom

    Just got the email 7.99/mnth!! I’m in!! Apple TV TIME!!!!

  • Vazandrew

    content is severely lacking, but it’s also just the first day. I’m thinking of getting ATV for christmas and cutting off cable. i don’t watch specialty channels and just realized i can use OTA to watch the current seasons of my shows. I will still subscribe to zip to close the gap until netflix broadens it’s content and if there’s a title i really want to see i’ll download it.

  • Kingerski04

    I just download netflix to my iPhone 4 lots of older movies to pick from but not alot of new ones

  • Nick

    Tried typing in ‘Futurama, The Simpsons, South Park, Avatar’ in to their search box and was quickly tired of how much I can’t watch in Canada. I called their 1-800 number to find out what the deal and they said more shows will be available by the end of the year and it should be more on-par with what’s available in the US. You can see what’s available in the US by switching to the american version of the site with the link at the bottom, but note that many of those selections aren’t available streaming… So if you find something you like that’s available in the US check to see if it’s available for streaming in the US or only by mail.

    Basically, I’m going to wait. Around christmas I’ll try their free trial.

  • Craig

    The info is posted on the web site now. It’s $7.99 month for unlimited movies, which sounds like a great price… until you see the selection of movies and TV shows. Mostly art house films and things released 3+ years ago. If you’re into 80’s movies it’s a great service. Nothing even close to 1st or 2nd run movies I could find. I tried searching for abour 20 movies or TV shows I’d consider watching and not a single one was available.

  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t the XBox also stream Netflix? I don’t see it in the menu options. If it does and they get a lot more movies/TV programs, I would be really interested at $7.99.

  • Harttshane

    Netflix is no good anyway just check out there nre release section, premonition can you say 4 years ago cmon, apple tv provides way more up to date movies and videos the only good thing about netflix is the one time minthy fee for unlimtied access you just have to wait 3-4 years to see that great movie again.

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  • Bchinery

    im on TekSavvy, DSL though because no cable is available where I live, and I Must say its almost better than my Rogers Cable before i moved. cheaper than rogers and unlimited

  • Vazandrew

    how is the dsl speed though. the cable is not available in my area either and i’m worried the transfer speeds listed are not adequete for HD content (i’m currently on 7m/800k and consdering going higher)

  • The Apple Web site currently says it will ship in 2-3 weeks. I can’t wait!

  • The only challenge with the new apple TV is that is doesn’t come with resident storage and relies on everything to be streamed from the pc/mac iTunes. This means your computer has to be on and itunes open. Typical scenario for old Apple TV with GB HD is if you buy a HD movie it streams to Apple TV harddrive so you can watch immediately and then incrementally backs up to iTunes on your computer through sync.

    I can see the new Apple TV creating problems in streaming speeds from pc to Apple TV unless you have a fast router. The hard drive on the old Apple TV made sense because of the streaming however I understand Apple needed to bring the cost down in order to start making the product more mass consumer.

  • Sagsal2000

    I signed up for netflix and though I think it is a pretty unique, “Cool” way to watch TV they will need to add more shows to the canadian site. I would be happier to pay a few dollars more a month to be able to watch reruns of Friends, Seinfeld etc, watch the godfather as well as the newer great show – 30 rock etc. “If you build they will come”…..

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  • Jjones

    You people who bought AppleTV will be returning it when GoogleTV comes out, especially when it’s incorporated into the PS3

  • I’ve been using Netflix in Canada for since it came out the end of September. I use my PS3 to stream the feed up to a 125″ screen and I am impressed by the quality. It is by no means blueray but very watchable. Don’t expect to find new content on Netflix but if you love the classics, there are tones. My main gripe is that my bandwidth is is taking a beating. Seems as though the average netflix stream is between 2 – 4 gigs. Watch a couple of movies a week and you’ll blow through your internet package in no time. I had to up my 30gig / month package to 100gigs. Keep an eye on your usage!

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