OS X Update 10.10.4 Download Now Available with Network Reliability Fixes


Shortly after pushing the release button on iOS 8.4 to help launch Apple Music, the company has also released OS X Update 10.10.4, which has the following improvements and bug fixes, in particular those experiencing network issues (‘discoveryd’ was removed and mDNSResponder back in):

Screenshot 2015 06 30 08 09 22

• Improves networking reliability
• Improves Migration Assistant reliability
• Addresses an issue that prevented some external displays from functioning properly
• Improves the reliability of upgrading iPhoto and Aperture libraries to Photos
• Improves reliability when syncing photos and videos to iCloud Photo Library
• Addresses an issue that could cause Photos to unexpectedly quit after importing some Lecia DNG files
• Resolves an issue that could delay outgoing email messages in Mail
• Fixes an issue where a website could prevent the user from navigating away by presenting repeated JavaScript alerts in Safari

You can find this update by launching the Mac App Store, then going to the Updates tab. A restart is required to complete the install.


  • bionicmonk

    So.. scared.. will this break my wifi again ?

  • I just installed this. No problems so far (knock on wood).

  • bionicmonk

    Okay Gary, but I warn you.. I’m not afraid to cry and sob like a little girl if this shit backfires on me.

  • Peace out **runs for the hills**

  • Ken

    Afraid to do any kind of Mac software update…the update may hog my system and reduce it to a crawl and then I would have to upgrade

    Anyone with a Mac Mini and 4 GB of RAM and on OSX 10.9.5 run this yet? If yes, how does your hardware perform?

  • Ryan Mayberry

    Haven’t seen the update yet. Wondering if there is a delay or roll back in Canada