Apple Now Lets You Buy a Space Grey Keyboard, Trackpad and Mouse in Canada


Back in December, Apple launched sales of their new high-end iMac Pro, which came in an exclusive Space Grey colour, along with its Magic Keyboard, Magic Trackpad 2 and Magic Mouse 2. These accessories weren’t available for standalone purchase, but as as of today, Apple quietly added them to their website, after the Apple Store went back online.

The Magic Keyboard is available in Space Grey for $199 CAD, a $30 premium over Silver:
Screenshot 2018 03 27 10 57 08
Magic Trackpad 2 is available for $199 CAD in Space Grey, a $30 premium over Silver:
Screenshot 2018 03 27 10 59 17
Last but not least, Magic Mouse 2 in Space Grey is $129 CAD—a $30 premium over Silver:

Screenshot 2018 03 27 10 59 08

So in a nutshell, you’re looking at spending $530 CAD plus taxes to jump on these slick-looking Space Grey Mac accessories, which at one point, many believed were exclusive to iMac Pro (and probably spent a bunch to buy them off eBay).

Anyone going to be jumping on these?


  • Do they come with a black lightning cable?
    I’ve got a car phone mount that only fits an official Apple cable. Would be nice to have a black one!

  • Don’t think so, sadly! what mount are you using?

  • A ProClipUSA iPhone X mount.
    They’re awesome, and fit each car perfectly.

  • So Young

    And I just bough my magic keyboard with numerical keypad just abour 2 weeks ago…. 🙁