Want to Replace the SSD in your MacBook Pro with Touch Bar? Think Again


Last month, OWC tore down the new 13-inch MacBook Pro, non-Touch Bar version. They discovered there was a removable solid state drive (SSD) module, giving hope for users to upgrade their hard drives at some point in time.

Now, according to early unboxing and dismantling of 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro models with Touch Bar, some MacRumors readers are discovering the SSD is non-removable in these versions, just like the 12-inch MacBook.

Macbook pro touch bar ssd

While we are still awaiting more complex teardowns from OWC and iFixit, this is not a good sign for MacBook Pro with Touch Bar users. It means you won’t be able to upgrade your SSD, since the latter is soldered to the motherboard. It also means it’s important to keep your data backed up to the cloud or via Time Machine, as once the drive perishes you won’t be able to extract the data yourself.

It’s disappointing to think once your SSD dies, you’ll have to pay Apple to replace it, instead of being able to do it on your own. Get the best upgrades you can today for your MacBook Pro orders so you can future proof your purchase.


  • Real

    My MacBook Pro is the 2011 model and I think it was the last one that was easily upgradeable and it was my last MacBook. I just bought a PC and I feel a little dirty but relieved and free.
    I had upgraded it to 16Gb, replaced the original 500Gb HDD with a 128Gb SSD and removed the DVD drive to put in the original 500Gb HDD as slower long-term storage. That really suited my needs. I’m selling it and hope to get a few $ for it. It’s upgradeability means that someone could easily upgrade either drive and it’s that function that I think a lot of MacBook Pro users really miss.

  • xxxJDxxx

    Yet another reason to skip this Macbook. Apple wtf are you doing??!

  • MrXax

    What a strange choice.

  • Mr Dog

    I am ok with having super fast SSD’s over replaceable SSD

  • While I agree to a point, I’d also happily take a MacBook Pro that’s a few millimetres thicker and 100g heavier if it allowed upgradeable components.

  • Dre Mosley

    Lame. Not everyone wants to increase their storage by connecting an external. If the logic board dies, but the SSD is fine, then that really sucks.

    So. . can’t upgrade the RAM or storage post purchase, so you truly have to get as much of everything at the time of purchase since that’s what you’re stuck with until you retire it. . . .unless you’re a risk taker who knows how to solder, lol.