Staples Sunday Door Crasher: Apple TV for $79 [Update]


Do you own the latest generation Apple TV? If you don’t, you probably will as of this Sunday. Staples is holding a ‘Sunday Door Crasher’ on Apple’s ‘hobby’ and selling it for the blazing price of $79 (regular price is $109) both in-store and online.

staples apple tv sale

The sale is on Sunday, December 16th, while quantities last. There is a limit of one per customer. You could try your luck and price match with Future Shop or Best Buy on that day.

Let us know if you’re going to jump on this!

Thanks @GEEOFF_G!

Update: As of Dec. 17th, it looks like Staples is not fulfilling the majority of their online orders. Customers have received emails their orders have been cancelled.


  • Guest

    hmm. might have to get one of these. I’d do it for $79.

  • jack

    out of stock it was not out this morning

  • Dude, SUNDAY! πŸ™‚

  • Leander

    Great. Now if Apple can only make it work!

  • draz

    If there was only a jailbreak for it…. Still $79 is an awesome price for what it can do.

  • jack

    i know is only Sunday what is the chance to get one online now in the flyer it’s only 6 per store. limit 1 per family very weird it wen out of stock today πŸ˜‰

  • Gear head

    If it worked , then it would be a great deal. I’m returning my ATV3 cause home sharing is a piece of crap and it doesn’t work for more than a minute or two , AirPlay in reality only works for the ipad and iPhone and not iTunes running on any win 7, 64 bit systems as the airplay icon is missing for the last year with no fix still from Capple.

  • Better start getting in line πŸ˜‰

  • gl

    Will try to get one. Thanks for the tip!

  • Whatever

    it does work… ?

  • does staples in canada accept virtual visa cards? These are the new cards that are Interac cards but also work like VISA with the dates of expiration etc BUT the full amount of money must be in your bank account and is taken out immediately, rather than you billed for it? If so, does anyone know if they take CIBC VIRTUAL Visa or the RIBC V Visa card?

  • unfortunately it doesn’t sound as if it will ever be jailbroken, apple #3 ;-( not sure its worth buying without future promises of j/b but it sounds as if, more and more it cant ever be done

  • BrodieTheDog

    On the contrary. Mine seems to work fine. I’ve had no issues at all.

  • Gear head

    I assume you are using the same win 7 64 bit pro as I described? How did you get it working? There are literally hundreds of thousands of users unable to even get the airplay icon to show up in there iTunes menu on any iTunes version including the latest iTunes 11.1. You can verify this using a simple web search. This problem has been all over the apple site for over a year with no fix.

    Excluding the very few lucky ones like yourself it seems no one with win 7 64 bit pro systems can even use there main computer for simple airplay of music or movies.

  • yamadori

    No problem getting one online Sunday morning.

  • wynncy

    Got one today at Future Shop using price match + less 10% of the difference between the sale price and the regular price. Now I need an HDMI.

  • Panda

    Just ordered one online from staples website. Does anyone know if I can AirPlay avi files that I have on my ipad 2 using the good player and cinexplayer apps

  • ?

    Ordered one today online. I just had to for $79!

  • Try for cheap HDMI cables

  • Thomas

    I priced matched at Best Buy in Vancouver for $79.

  • Keri

    It was a fraud. Ordered one in the morning online. It said it was instock. Then just got an email stating due to overwhelming demands they cannot fill my order. BS. Will never fall for their bs sales tactics again.

  • Robxvr

    Same here. I successfully ordered it online and even received an email confirming the order. Now a day later they cancel my order saying the item you ordered is out of stock! Not impressed.

  • Panda

    I just received my order cancellation notice this afternoon also. Never again will I buy from Staples!

  • yamadori

    Same here … not impressed

  • ?

    I was scared after reading about everyone else having theirs cancelled but after talking to my local Staples today, they said they would ship mine out on Thursday.