Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Ads Continue to Slam the MacBook Air [VIDEOS]


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It’s no secret Microsoft has been slamming Apple products in its Surface ads, and the company doesn’t appear to be stopping anytime soon.

The latest Surface Pro 4 ads, again slam the MacBook Air for its lack of detachable keyboard, touchscreen, and processing power compared to Microsoft’s tablet.

Check out the two ads just uploaded to the Surface YouTube channel below:

“The Power of Touch”

“Detachable Keyboard”

  • “The MacBook Air doesn’t have one”
  • “Faster than the MacBook Air”

Previously, Apple’s successful Mac vs PC ad campaign made fun of Windows users for years. Maybe these ads are payback, but at the same time they aren’t really that effective, since the MacBook Air hasn’t had a full major update lately, suggesting it could be phased out. Apple is rumoured to refresh its MacBook lineup possibly in October, so let’s wait and see.


  • Daniel Johnson

    Well of course if you compare it to the oldest mac in the lineup of course. How about the iPad Pro? MacBook Pro? It’s apples and oranges here.. sad

  • Dany Quirion

    comparing a tablet to a computer lol

  • Come on, nothing wrong with that! 😛

  • Quattro

    They’re both computers. Just the Surface can turn into a tablet.

  • Quattro

    Microsoft doesn’t have anything in the iPadPro market segment, although both companies have compared it to the Surface Pro.

    I suppose the Surface Book might be comparable to the MacBook Pro. They just haven’t done any comparable ads about that (that I’m aware of), perhaps because it’s a small market segment.