The Not-So-Fragile iPhone 4


Since the release of the iPhone 4, there has been plenty of talk about some of it’s flaws from reception issues (I can’t seem to replicate it on mine) to the proximity sensor problem (which I haven’t experienced in the week since I got the phone). Then there are the complaints that the front glass isn’t as strong as Apple claims and that the back glass panel is also too fragile resulting in a reported higher accident claim rate.

But what if you wash your iPhone 4?

Yesterday as I was searching for a solution to a problem I discovered (more on that another day), I came across a thread on the Mac-Forums that surprised me; “Washed my iPhone 4 today“. The short of it is, this guy left his iPhone 4 in his shorts and his wife washed them in the laundry. Amazingly, after some careful drying the thing works flawlessly. Turns out the guy wasn’t alone. Another poster also put his iPhone through the laundry and details how he dried it out (in a much more specific manner including baking in low heat and storing in a Ziploc bag of rice).

Now I’m in no way suggesting that this is unique to the iPhone as I’m sure people have had similar success with other devices (I myself haven’t washed a phone; usually just receipts and the odd USB stick). Also, this isn’t an invitation to be careless and leave your phone in your clothes to be washed by your wife/mom/maid as you may not achieve similar success. However, the fact that these two (and others) were lucky to keep their iPhones operational after a spin is impressive.

Maybe the iPhone 4 isn’t so fragile afterall? Have you had similar success stories after a seemingly disasterous situation?


  • Anonymous

    “Also, this isn’t an invitation to be careless and leave your phone in your clothes to be washed by your wife/mom/maid as you may not achieve similar success.” Wow, sexist much?

  • Anonymous

    Wow, picky much? They call it a ‘joke’, google it…

  • Voodoo_ca

    I dropped my old iPhone 3G in the lake (about 12-18″ deep) and after waiting for it to dry out, it worked again.
    I was amazed cause I havent seen that performance with some of the other phones out there…

  • Fwefweewef

    LOL dumbass… Women are made to wash our clothes. And have our babies.

  • Although the phone is dried out and working, you will have a hard time getting it warranty repaired in the future. The iPhone has a “water sensor” inside, and whenever you take your iphone to apple for any hardware problem, the first thing they do is take a small flashlight, and look inside where the charger plugs in. Apparently, there is some kind of an indicator that turns red inside, where they can see if the phone went swimming…

  • guest

    So…you wrote a blog entry about someone else’s forum posts? this is just getting ridiculous.

  • Anonymous

    Hmm my phone is looking dirty…. time to give it a good wash


  • guest

    Heterosexist too.

  • Anonymous

    Dropped my iPhone4 in water by accident. I turned it off immediately and put my iPhone4 in a bag filled with uncooked rice for 48 hours. Good news is my iPhone4 now works as good as pre-swim.

  • Hackneyed

    If you get water damage you can take it to a third party store and get the sensors replaced. Then apple won’t be able to tell.

  • Like your life!

  • Chris A.

    Men can be maids too…plus I originally included “husband” but while editing was thinking of a different joke to include, thought better of it, went with my original minus the “husband”.
    For the record, I do all my own laundry and I have a wife. Sometimes I even do hers.
    Hopefully that satisfies your sexist concerns.


  • Chris A.

    That’s a good point, but as someone mentions below, there are ways around that if you want to be sneaky.
    I’ve also read that said sensor can be affected by high humidity so even if the phone hasn’t been spilt on or submerged in water, it would still show up as water damaged.

  • Anonymous

    I appreciate that you cleared that up, I just didn’t interpret it the right way I suppose.

  • Randi

    I was told that a drop of bleach in the mic hole would take care of the sensors. Apparently they turn pink? Not sure of the validity of this; just passing it on.

  • Canuckris

    Really? This used to be a pretty good blog for getting iPhone news relevant to Canada but now I have to sift through so much garbage to find any remotely useful posts. Why did they hire so many new editors?

  • You’re not looking hard enough.

  • Guest

    I think that was Canuckris’ point. There has been a lot of junk articles lately.

  • Spridmore

    Mine went for a brief swim in the Pacific ocean, wlile throwing a stick for the dog!. Had a small issue with the headphone jack. Dried it out in the food dehydrator. That was 2 weeks ago. I have had no issues since.

  • Anonymous

    I used the rice trick on an iPhone 3GS that got dunked in water. Works fine now.

  • diss apointed

    I have to say this was one of the sites I checked daily, multiple times!!! but now it seems as though the news here gets copied from other sites and sometimes days later. I’m sorry to say I am saying goodbye to it seems lately too that if the wrong thing gets posted in comments the editors are quick to jump down peoples throats. almost seems like it went from being a good site to a very amateurish site.

  • Thanks for the feedback. Bye!

  • Andrew

    This entire article would have been better as a tweet and a link to the forum where someone actually posted this content originally. Not only are these blog posts getting a bit pointless, but the responses to comments from the editors are arrogant and rude. Whose hits do you think your ad revenues come from? Quit being so stubborn and accept some feedback without backlashing at your readers!

  • From_autumn_toashes

    Wow if you don’t like the posts don’t read them… Better yet don’t comment. And just read the posts that appeal to you

  • iP4Crazy

    Ok these guest posts are ridiculous. I don’t mean to tell you guys how to run your blog but maybe disabling guest posts during slow season is a good idea. So when there is no iDevice release. I realize I am a guest but I feel I have enough reason to join if you made posting for members only. Reading all these depressing posts is starting to affect my opinion of this blog. 

  • fred

    The only problem that I’ve had is the antenna. It’s so bad that I can’t use my phone without a case because it will drop from 4 bars to no-service. I even lose a bar with the bumper on. (On Rogers in Manitoba)

    I knew the problem was bad, but not this bad. Other than that I have had no problems.

    Will definitely be watching the competition before I purchase another iPhone. A company shouldn’t be able to sell a product with such a defect, and even when it gives out cases it doesn’t completely remedy the problem.

    I do very much like my phone though, probably the best out there currently, but I expected more from Apple.

  • Kyle

    Wow this Gary guys really seems to be taking a little criticism harshly. The commenters have a point though, and maybe Gary should learn that its just better to hold your tongue in certain situations rather than putting up comments like this.

  • Ex


  • Learn to spell before you speak please.

  • Barrettneil

    Too many people have too much spare time on their hands.
    This is how news travels, you hear it from somewhere else and you repeat it. All news media repeats news from other sources otherwise the word doesn’t get around.
    This is the only blog I read for iPhone news so if an article from another blog isn’t posted here, I wouldn’t know about it. I’m sure I’m not the only one.
    I will say it has been a bit quiet here lately, with sometimes only a posting or two per day but if that’s all the news there is then so be it.
    Grow up and get a life people!

  • Mcan

    One of the key aspects of great writing is the ability to accept criticism with humility and appreciation, as each reader is entitled to their own opinion of one’s work. Someday, Gary, you will lose the arrogant attitude, pull your head out of your ass and make it there. Best of luck.

    PS – I wouldn’t go pointing out a simple spelling error in an attempt to invalidate Kyle’s statement. He made a good point, which is more than I can say for several of this site’s recent blog entries (that are also, interestingly enough, sprinkled with spelling and grammatical errors of their own).

  • Smudged

    Who is this Gary and why is he such a dick in the comments section?

  • ahh, he owns the site?

  • Guest

    I am very disappointed by the childish remarks made by Gary recently. I do have to agree with Kyle when he said that, if you are going to run a successful website, you have to take constructive criticism. These were not ‘pot shots’ made at Gary or the team, they were meant to be constructive. As a result, I will not be accessing this site anymore, and I encourage others to follow suit if they do not wish to withstand abusive remarks from the editors anymore.

  • Nick Sobriquet

    Just for your information, I clicked on the red-highlighted text “” in your post, and it is linked to a website called the Intellectual Property Institute of Canada. I understand that you were referring to, but the abbreviation ended up being its own site.

  • Cpilk

    I just want to add I think more men should do laundry so this sexist stereotype can die. That is all.

  • Cpilk

    I just want to add I think more men should do laundry so this sexist stereotype can die. That is all.

  • H2

    Isn’t the iPhone 4 water-proof? I was told it was, so I’ve taken it into the pool with me every weekend for the past month, and it works fine.

  • SexistFTWpwnwtfbbq


  • Kyle

    Your criticizing someone’s life from behind a computer screen. You must feel awesome because you run a weak website that posts garbage and then treats the people that come across it like crap. I applaud you Gary. You continue to shine as an honourable mature editor. I hope you keep up the good work and have karma shine down so marvellously on you.

  • Guest

    I washed it too yesturday. Turns out I ended up drying it too, since I didn’t know it was there. Well, it wasn’t cracked, and I didn’t try to turn it on. I left it on my desk over night, and 24h later, it did turn on, but would reset over and over again. Wait 6 hours, charge, and try again. If it resets, wait, charge again, until it stops resetting. Then, fo a 100% charge + 1 hour. Worked for me. all good now!