Unboxing Videos of the 2013 MacBook Air, New AirPort Extreme [WATCH]


Screen Shot 2013 06 11 at 8 39 00 AM

Yesterday Apple unveiled new MacBook Air models with Intel’s Haswell processor and even better battery life. Other new products included a new AirPort Extreme (and Time Capsule) to support 802.11ac Wi-Fi in the new MacBook Air. YouTuber MrThaibox123 has posted a couple videos of his unboxing of the MacBook Air and the AirPort Extreme. If you’re into unboxing videos, check them out below:

2013 MacBook Air:

New AirPort Extreme:

Cosmetically, the 2013 MacBook Air looks the same aside from the addition of its new dual microphone setup, which can be seen on the side. As for the AirPort Extreme, its new rectangular block design is a change from the flatter Mac mini design of its previous generation.

Anyone going to buy either one of these new products?


  • Chrome262

    I would love buying the time capsule, but it is so expensive for what it is. I bought a new router (AC format) and WD 3 TB drive, for less money then the capsule. But I did have to do some finagling for time machine, it just wasn’t worth the money. Although it does look nice both of them.

  • warpdrive

    Yup. Going to grab a 2TB time capsule. Should be easy as I’ve already opened up futureshops website twice in the last 5 minutes from the god awfull popup banner at the bottom of the screen….. GRRRRR…. I hate popup banner ads!!!!! So annoying.

  • Chrome262

    true, at the time though I got my 3TB for under 150, can’t get that now because HD prices are higher. But my netgear was 160 so you are right on the router, and it really doesn’t support TimeMachine on its external, I am waiting for the update. So that’s why I use the mybook live, it can support time machine, but has had its issues, but the latest update has seemed to fix it.