White iPhone 4 Units Delayed To “Rough & Bent” Condition


When the iPhone 4 launched in Canada, Apple had only released the iPhone 4 in black. Originally, the iPhone 4 was supposed to be available in white and black, but manufacturing problems have caused massive delays in the release of the white unit.

This week, an update on the white iPhone 4 delays comes from website whiteiphone4now which has posted photos of the manufacturing issues of the white iPhone 4.

The photos indicate what the website is calling a “rough & bent” condition where the top case of the white iPhone 4 does not sit flush when the device is assembled.

The website further indicates that their OEM sources claim that the manufacturing process has been adjusted to remove the imperfection. This may mean that Apple is back on track with the white iPhone 4. However, the recent press release from Apple did indicate that the iPhone 4 would be delayed until later in 2010.

Could this be an Apple situation of under promise, over deliver?



  • Frayne182

    I had a white 3G and loved it…. BUT now that I have a black Iphone 4 I like black more. It's more slick haha.

  • draz

    The White is nice…. But by the time it comes out the 6gb promos will be over 🙁

  • xxJDxx

    I can't even tell what I'm looking at in those pics

  • Luca

    agreed lol

  • The B

    With everyone getting a black iPhone 4 Apple may end up with a bunch white iPhone 4's not moving in their inventory. This could be another thorn in Apples side with the iPhone 4 release.

  • James

    That's ok, I don't really want a white one. But I do want the black. Too bad I wad out of town last Friday… Now I can't find it anywhere.

    Does anyone now when the Apple stores will receive new inventory? I keep calling everyday, and no ones even knows when they will get them.

    James, Montreal area

  • Lord Palmerston

    I hope they fix the antenna at the same time. Just use some non-conductive coating on that area or something.

  • Mr.Bou

    Who know when the iphone4 black have stock again in Montreal? My friend went to Apple store yesterday, but they said that are out of stock.

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  • Dan

    what ever just get this shit rollin i want my white I4 lol

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