Microsoft Surface Prices In Canada Revealed, Pre-orders Now Live [Ships Oct. 26]


Microsoft has just revealed the prices of its upcoming Windows 8 Surface tablet in Canada, with pre-orders now live at the Microsoft Canada online store, as pointed out by MobileSyrup. Pre-orders will ship on October 26th, the same day it hits the shelves in Microsoft stores, and are estimated to arrive by October 30th.

Below are the prices of Microsoft Surface in Canada without Black Touch Cover, which costs an extra CDN $100:

  • 32 GB – CDN $519
  • 64 GB – CDN $619

Other Touch Cover colours such as cyan or white cost $129.99 each. In addition, the Surface Type Cover costs $139.99

When compared with new iPad prices in Canada, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB models are available for CDN $519, CDN $619 and CDN $719 respectively. The only difference is that Microsoft’s entry-level model lacks 32GB of storage as opposed to similar priced iPad which comes in 16GB.

So, will you pre-order the Microsoft Surface now or instead wait for Apple to announce the iPad mini on October 23rd?


  • Holy expensive batman! Avoid!

  • Anthony ?

    Dunno, depends on the user I guess. Pricing is cheaper than iPad, so it will be interesting to see if people who would have bought the 16GB iPad for $519 decide to buy the 32GB Surface for the same price. I suspect that at this price point they stand a chance to be competitive against Apple, assuming that the tablet itself is doesn’t totally suck.

    Of course, it’s unclear what the app ecosystem for Win8 RT looks like right now, or how many big name developers will be there on day one.

    It would be funny if Apple dropped the price of the 10″ iPad by $100 along with announcing the iPad Mini (or whatever it ends up being) next week.

  • Definitely comes down to the ecosystem. But it’ll have Windows and their bounty of developers.

    iPad mini looks to undercut the Surface, Apple’s invite announcement today was timed perfectly.

  • Anthony ?

    16GB iPad = $519 (no cover), no 16GB Surface
    32GB iPad = $619 (no cover), 32GB Surface (no cover) = $519
    64GB iPad = $719 (no cover), 64GB Surface = $719 (including cover)

    You can’t really make the argument that they are expensive until people get their hands on them and see how they compare to iPad technically, because at this point in time they’re $100 cheaper than Apple so you can’t base it solely on price.

    If it turns out that MS has made a quality piece of hardware with a solid UX, a high-res screen and a decent initial app ecosystem (ok, it’s a stretch) then they might have a contender that could take market share from Apple. On the other hand, if it’s a piece of garbage then they’ll end up relegated to the same place as all the other crappy $500 tablets and Apple will continue to lead.

  • Renegader

    I am so sick of companies adding in the “Canada tax.” Clearly our dollar is worth more than the Americans, yet we still pay 20 dollars (or more) for the same product that can be purchased in the States. Ridiculous.

  • well the screen on the surface is only 1366×786. But the Surface does come with a free copy of Office 2013. And that’s not a watered-down version of Office either. When you buy an equivalent iPad, with smart cover then add iWork on it, it becomes about 120 more than the Surface. But what you do get on the iPad is the killer retina screen.

    The surface doesn’t have too many apps yet but Windows has a huge developer ecosystem so I’m confident the apps will come.

  • Jacky

    That $20 is for the lovely bilingual packaging!

  • JFM

    More french bashing pls.

  • Renegader

    If the packaging costs $20, Apple is getting ripped off!

  • Renegader

    And Microsoft apparently.

  • k

    lol its windows you still need apps? are you kidding

  • Jim

    And it’s wifi only… I wouldn’t buy, not now…

  • Hjd

    Windows has an App Store….it’s called the Internet.

  • lmao. it’s true though, but then again you can say that for any operating system.

  • Any operating system other than iOS, that is. 😉

  • Well, there is the jailbreak route, if we’re going to count that. 😉

  • If these things can run native windows applications then I’m standing in line to preorder one.

  • Don

    Its actually Windows RT which is not the same as the regular Windows 8. You can’t install any application you want on these Surface tablets. You can only install programs from the Windows store. If you want to install any application than you’re going to have to shell out over $1000 for the inevitable Windows Surface Pro, which will run the full version of Windows 8 Pro and have an Intel based CPU.

  • Don

    It can only run programs formatted specifically for WIndows RT. The Surface Pro will be able to run native windows applications as it will include Windows 8 Pro and be a lot more powerful overall. The Surface with Windows 8 RT will only run programs from the windows store.

  • The Surface Pro will be coming out early next year.

  • In all honestly, when you look at the Surface, the first thing that comes to my mind is not tablet – it look likes a Windows RT netbook with a touchscreen. After all, all the ads show the Surface with the keyboard as a headliner feature. Still looks nice though.

  • dude4

    well its $699 $599 $499 in the states

    at current exchange thats

    $688.05 $589.62 $491.18 CAD

    got to love the $30 discrimination tax
    Heck if i wanted there crappy tablet its cheaper to reship it up here with shipito or some other reshipper

  • MarkL

    “The only difference is that Microsoft’s entry-level model lacks 32GB of storage as opposed to similar priced iPad which comes in 16GB.” << you meant to say "has 32GB…" instead of "lacks 32GB".

  • MarkL

    iPad mini is going after the growing 7″ market, and is not designed to undercut Sufrace. They aim at two different markets/users.

  • LoWd0Wn

    wifi only??

  • When I said undercut, I was referring to taking away Microsoft’s limelight due to the timing of Apple’s event, which is set to take place before Surface.

  • Wait, its 100 more then iPad for 16 more gigs? and why is there a 30 dollar difference for this between the states price and only 20 dollars different with the iPad?

  • Anthony ?

    It will also be a lot more expensive, likely closer to Ultrabook prices based on what MS said at their launch, so expect $999+ I’d think.