Apple iPhone 4 Coming to Canada…in July 2010!


July 16th, 2010 Update: Official: iPhone 4 Release Date in Canada on July 30th

Unless you’ve been sleeping in cave, you probably caught part of today’s announcement of the new iPhone 4 at the 2010 WWDC by Steve Jobs. This brand new iPhone is the exact same prototype that Gizmodo leaked on the internet!

Some of the newest features include a thinner design, an all glass casing, two cameras to include video chat, 5MP camera with LED flash, better battery life, and more. But out of all the new features, the moment I was waiting for eagerly was when could I buy the iPhone 4 in Canada?

The Apple iPhone 4 is Coming to Canada in July 2010

Last year the iPhone 3GS was launched in Canada to coincide with the US launch. That was pretty awesome for Canadians. Compared to previous years when the iPhone 3G arrived on July 11th, 2008 for Canada, and the original iPhone shut out of all countries except the USA.

Our American friends get the iPhone 4 on June 24th. As for Canada? We weren’t in the list of countries for the June 24th launch (we were beat out by France, the UK, Germany, and Japan!), but listed with a whole bunch of others for an unspecified July launch. Yup, that’s right–expect the iPhone 4 in Canada in July. As for pricing in Canada, I would expect it would be same $199/$299 for the 16gb/32gb models.

Why Was Canada Shut Out From the Initial Release?

I find this very strange. Japan and France was included with Canada for the iPad’s May 28th launch. As for Canada being shut out of this first release, it could be due to a variety of reasons. Apple could be targeting major worldwide markets first or possibly there were issues with the “Big 3” carriers in Canada (Rogers/Bell/Telus) that caused us to miss the initial launch. What do you think?

Either way,  it looks like once again Canadians will practice what they’re pretty good at–waiting for the latest gadgets to hit our shores. If you can’t wait, you could drive down to the USA and buy an iPhone 4 on the June 28th launch date. With the iPhone Dev Team issuing a statement about an imminent iOS 4 jailbreak/unlock, you could definitely go that route–but it’ll require some work.

What do you think of the new iPhone 4?

I think it looks pretty awesome, except I thought storage would increase considering the option to take 720p videos at 30fps will eat up memory fast. We will have a full iPhone 4 round up post coming shortly. An all glass design is nice but what happens if you drop it? The antenna built into the frame is very innovative and I’m also happy about the increase in battery life.

Spill your beans below in the commments!

[Photos from: MacRumors, Engadget]


  • Francois

    I'd really like to know why canada got snubbed here. July doesn't seem too bad though. I initially thought we had to wait until September. Common Steve, I have some money here for you…..don't you want it???

  • Steve

    Why do I live in Canada ?!?

  • dash8311

    I bet Rogers had their hand in screwing this up…

  • Carlos

    Because were the best part of North America.

    Despite some shortcomings, like this, I'd still rather Canadian than American.

  • wargamer17

    It does suck that we have to wait until July, but what I'm most curious about is the upgrade pricing. I'm glad I skipped 3GS and waited for this one because it is amazing. At least we will have iOS4 to play with on our 3G's or 3GS's for a little bit.

  • Canada was missed because Apple is carrying out a preemptive strike” against Android device makers in key markets…..Sadly Canada is a secondary market and our users are Apple fans and are not threatening to jump on board the Android or RiM wagon…

  • Andrew

    I wouldn't be surprised if there is a delay on the release here and it gets pushed back.

  • Zilly

    Maybe it has something to do with Sasktel CEO saying back in April that a new iPhone was coming out in June and they'd (sasktel) be getting it. Whatever. IS SASKTEL GETTING THIS PHONE OR WHAT??!!!???

  • wuju

    On a side note, finally, we can create playlists right on the iPhone – with iOS4. Hurray!

    Another month isn't bad I guess, wished we get it the same time as U.S. I will jailbreak it when it's available and still would like to know that it will still work with my carrier Fido, when (if ever) I don't want to deal with jailbreaking anymore. MyWi, 3G unrestrictor will certainly the reason for me to jailbreak. Though the iOS 4 is closing the gap to need to jailbreak. 🙂

  • Randy

    I have an iPod touch, iMac and iPad. The one thing I've never given in to is the iPhone. I hated to give up my BlackBerry. I fear, Steve's latest iteration may just have changed that. This thing is sweet!

    As for Canada getting it in July vs June, I'd say we're not seen as much of a priority.

    Of course we have a small population, but you'd think that might work to our favour. To throw a few thousand iPhones at us when it launches in the US shouldn't be a big deal. I suspect however, that much of it has to do with our insane 3 year contracts! So many people are locked into these long-term prison sentences that, while I've no doubt it will sell brilliantly well, a lot of people who would otherwise get it, will have to wait because they're in the midst of 36 month contracts. Could Apple be putting pressure on the big 3 to make some changes, either with contract length or data pricing? Look at iPad data pricing, virtually unheard of in Canada previously but for the the Rogers 6GB for $30, again with an Apple product. Who knows? If it has anything at all with getting rid of 3 year contracts, I'm happy to wait an extra month!

  • Alex

    I don't mind waiting. Gives me more time to play with my iPad. During the WWDC I was trying to find out how I was gonna have time for both devices.

  • Derek

    It probably has a lot to do with upgrading. A lot of rogers customers who recently bought a 3GS or when it came out wont be eligible for an upgrade to a new iphone 4. I personally think it's stupid, especially when you're on a family plan and can only upgrade one fucking phone a year. How does it make any sense for two people to be on a family plan when only one person can get an upgrade once every other year? Rogers fucking sucks.

  • Rustybarnacle

    On July 1st, Apple will begin putting ads in its apps, and Jobs said Apple has already sold $60 million worth of ads for the second half of the year.

    Pardon? I'm paying a swack of money for a device and now I have to look at ads on it!? I know many of the free apps include ads, but the default apps definitely should not.

  • rorypiper

    iPhone 4 is an awesome upgrade. Even if I just bought a 3GS yesterday, I'd still be upgrading in July. At least we all get iOS 4 this month! June 21st!

  • John

    I will move to USA arghhhhh

  • Zilly

    omg I can't wait to lay down my fresh new Zagg on this baby! LOL (You have a month Zagg, get at 'er!)

  • Rustybarnacle

    It took 2 months for my replacement to come and its acting up a little with my 3G. If I am running a GPS app it won't fully charge even on its Optimized port.

  • Eric

    The delay is more than a little disappointing. Of course those of us that hopped onto the iphone bandwagon with the Telus/Bell HSPA launch in November… it'll be a costly upgrade.

  • Steve

    It's Rogers, Telus and Bell's fault. They wanted 3 year contracts and Apple said “How about no.”

  • sporadik

    Everything I expected it to be! Although shooting 720P video will probably murder the battery life in a split second. Can't wait for the new phone as I'm on the 3G which is sluggish as hell the past couple months (115MB remaining)

  • Josh

    I'm worried that high demand will push this back even further, like with the iPad. Not pleased with the delay, that's for sure.

  • xxJDxx

    hahaha. U know Rim is a canadian company right?

    I figured that mighta had something to do with it.

    I would like to see some kinda upgrade option, as three year terms are ridiculous. Personally i think 1 year is about right in terms of upgrading. Thats usually about the time i'm ready for an upgrade.

    Does anyone know what rogers current cancellation fee is because contract price of 299 versus outright price of 799 might make switching carriers worthwhile…

  • I can't wait to see what Rogers does for their customers who already have an iPhone and are coming up on two years on the contract. Will they give us the new phone for free if we re-up for a new contract like some telco's in the states do?

  • Not free

  • xxJDxx

    MAYBE they will give it to you for the new customer price of 199/299 and not make you pay the outright price. Free??? LOL…..

  • Rogers Sucks

    Rogers is most likely to blame for the delay of the iPhone 4 in Canada. They really need to get with the times. Idiots

  • Lori

    if you've never been with fido before, you can switch from rogers to fido and I believe you only have to pay an extra $150.

  • xxJDxx

    unfortunately i'm not in a fido service area. So, no luck there…

  • Although it may feel like we're being left out of the lurch… I actually don't mind waiting till July. This give us time to observe all the bleeding-edge techies get this first and put it through some real work paces. Then, once we know what all the bugs will be (if any), then we are prepared and informed before we buy (or not buy) the latest money magn… I mean product from Apple. 🙂

  • Definately not free… probably with promotional pricing plus whatever discounts you can ring out of them.

  • youre_so_sad

    That's sad. How about going outside and getting some fresh air? You're worried about how to add time for another device in your life? Sad…

  • Don'tlikerogersfidomuch

    I believe Fido charges cancellation fees of $20 per month of phone service left on the contract and $5 per month of data service left. ie, $300 per year of contract.

  • BrettC

    i payed 299 for the iphone 3G, then 299 for the 3GS and hopefully 299 for the iPhone 4.. i got the 3GS at 299 because i payed more than 100$ a month for my plan which i currently still 112$ i think after taxes.. and they didn't announce it until the night before the iPhone 3GS came out if i remember correctly

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  • jon

    how do i get a iphone from the U.S.?
    do i need to provide personal informations(i,e, us address, which i dun have) for contracts and the likes?
    if no, what price will i be paying?

  • otheronetruegod

    The default ads DO NOT include ads. iAd is for third parties, not for the core apps.

  • otheronetruegod

    The default apps DO NOT include ads. iAd is for third parties, not for the core apps.

  • purse

    will wind mobile get the iphone?

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  • Daniel

    K,so i am using iphone 3g now for a year and half with 3 years contract.

    Would i be able to upgrade to iphone 4 with those price? 299 or 199.

    I don't mind renewing my contract btw.


  • Probably not

  • pokdej


  • xxJDxx

    No news from the Canadian carriers yet, as far as I know, about early upgrade for current iphone users.

    This should be interesting though, as same as the launch of the 3GS, most of us have only had our iphones for a year. Will they allow us to upgrade at a discounted price too? or will they simply miss out on the 'tech crowd' (which i would think would be a huge part of that market)

  • noahttic

    ….. $112 per month…. no wonder why you could get 3gs at 299 right after a year of getting 3g…..

    what i pay for is $17.5 killer offer + $10 for 150MB+SAF+tax. i really like my plan since there's no better choice around.

  • xxJDxx

    this is an apple product, I wouldnt be expecting bugs. Also the OS has been out for quite some time for developers in beta , I'm sure it will be completely ready to go on launch day. And we'll be left watching youtube videos and maybe seeing a friends who bothered to cross the border and buy one outright 'hoping' that an unlock is available soon……*sigh* maybe this was just what apple wanted to do, but I suspect its our quirky canadian cell phone carriers not getting their acts together again….

  • Wants to upgrade

    Chances are you won't be able to upgrade. I tried upgrading from 3G to 3GS last year and they said no.

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  • why is it always canada??

    damnit i want this phone.. guess I'll have to wait an extra month

  • I'll just do the usual and blame Rogers. It's usually their fault anyways.

  • Bubba

    Sad that you have to pay $150 to switch from Rogers to Rogers.

  • Carlos

    20 minutes after the Keynote was over I received an email from Bodyguarz offering the protective file for the iPhone 4! Oh yeah, and a 10% discount for Father's Day

  • Bryan

    Completely baseless with no proof. Hm….

  • Johnny

    I gotta agree with the other, that is kind of sad. LOL I am interested in the new iPhone as well, but seriously man….

    Also, I am getting tired of “i” before everything. iPhone, iPad, iMac, iTunes, iOS, iWorks

    Seriously…. come on now.

  • Almost every new product like this has one bug in it or another… hell, even Steve's presentation today had bugs in it. With Apple it's less of a possibility but I'm not ruling anything out.

    Also, this also give the Dev team time to JB this baby so when it comes to Canada in July, those who want to can right out of the box.

  • jon

    when the 3GS was released Rogers allowed you to upgrade based on your usage, if you had an iPhone for 6 months you could get $250 off the purchase price if you extended your contract for a year, or if you paid over $100 a month for your plan over 6 months to a year you got $500 off the full purchase price, I expect they will do that again this time

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  • wargamer17

    Really? $17.5? what does that all include? How do I get it? can I switch or am I locked in with what I have? Currently paying $70 for way more than I really need. Rarely use phone, only a few minutes. Some texting (probably only need 50 a month) and use data a lot but hardly ever hit 100 MB. Pretty soon it's going to be put through work, but can it be switched?

  • partypooper

    They've had three year contracts since the iPhone's release in Canada, I don't think Apple cares about contract length… But I do think they care about getting it out to countries with substantial populations first, then the little ones later.

  • I'm fine with Canada not being part of the inital release, july is early enough. Im more upset about Fido no longer being one of the iphone carriers as I recently signed a 3 year contract with them.

  • Frankly, I'm dismayed. When I followed the Apple keynote, I assumed that Canada would be amongst the first five countries with the iPhone 4; I was disappointed when I learned it wasn't. I see Rogers is taking names to receive email about the iPhone 4 launch in Canada. I didn't see anything on Fido's site.

  • IphoneFan?

    I would like to know if the Iphone 4 will have a mobile wireless hotspot feature like the Android. Being able to tie multiple laptops/devices to the net through my Tethering function is a huge benefit to me, that could make the difference in going to Android instead of staying with the Iphone. That and the fact that Apple is to restrictive / Nazi-ish with their software limitations/controls.

  • You can now register with Fido to receive updates about availability of the iPhone 4 in Canada.


  • Telus sucks more!

    you dumbass telus fucked it up. apple gave exclusivity to telus and telus gave the phone away for cheaper then apple had told them to; forcing other companies to compete with the price, thus angering apple. now you will see telus will be the last of the three biggest to get the iphone 4g.

  • glen

    who are you with? and with what plan?
    thanks a bundle!

  • Calvin

    I think theyll do what they did last year
    and allow 3g and 3gs user toupgrade
    to only the iphone 4

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  • Greg

    jailbreak it, and get an app called mywi, it does exactly what you're hoping it to do.

  • Scott

    My guess why we're getting it late is that Rogers/Bell/Fido/Telus have too much inventory of the 3G and 3GS in stock and wanted Apple to delay the release so they could attempt to rip off a few more customers prior to receiving the new devices.

    In the USA, AT&T and other retailers have been out of the 3G models for weeks. If you go to our carriers they're still trying to schuck the 3G/3GS at normal prices, as well as refurbished models. Guess they don't expect us customers to just wait a month for the newer models at the same prices…

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  • Cameron Ringstead

    Because Canada is F&*king awesome

  • John Q. Student

    ^^ look at the post right above yours, Fido will be offering the iPhone 4

  • Abduler416

    iPad + 3G = iPad AND getting fresh air, within carrier limits of course

  • Lindsay22

    yupp im deff moving back to the US…..fuck canada, they're always delayed in evertyhing ..they're asses are prob. frozen.

  • Jason F

    and then when election time rolls around you'll move right back. 🙂

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  • Sally

    more info about the iphone dev team and the iphone unlock. Is it fully supported ie once unlocked can it do visual voice and vchatting? where could you buy a reasonably priced phone? would you have to pay the unsubsidized price for not signing up with a carrier on a contract?

  • Sally

    How do you know that? and .. is that's the way it's going to be?

  • natt

    Rogers does suck, I got a blackberry an want to upgrade it after a year of problems and my upgrade is not available for another year. UGH!!!!!!!

  • natt

    Rogers is doing everything to squeeze every penny out of our pocket and the other companies are following.

  • Tara

    which provider are you with?? how did u get such a great deal???

  • Tara

    which provider are you with?? how did u get such a great deal???

  • Jfieow

    I hate how rogers/bell/telus have so much dominance in the cell phone market. We need more companies to come afloat, so we can get better deals!

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  • x00carly

    Totally and completely untrue. I was and (still am) in love with Apple, mainly because there products are so easy to use. You don't have to deal with viruses (Mac) or lags (iPhone) and stuff like that. But iOS 4.0 is absolutely horrible. I was so excited to get it that I literally downloaded it within the first 15 minutes that it was out. I used it with ease for the first 24 hours, quickly falling in love with the multitasking, folders, etc. Then on the second day, I turned off my phone before I went to bed, and when I turned it back on, all my apps were out of my folders. My calendar events got all screwed up too. Also, when I try to connect my iPhone to my Macbook, it gives me an error message and won't sync. Apparently I'm out of my 90-day phone support restriction, so Apple wanted to charge me $29.99 just to answer my question and (attempt to) figure out what the hell was wrong with my phone. What the fuck? Of course I said no, but now I have no idea what to do. Absolutely ridiculous. All I'm saying is that although Apple tends to make their products generally bug-free, 4.0 totally broke their perfect record. Hope 4.0.1 will be coming out soon…

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  • Jsmith

    Move back, and take your grammar and spelling with you. “their” asses are probably frozen. What the heck does that even mean?

  • Swinks4

    Of course you can't hold the phone with your left hand…….if you want 3G reception…….and don't mind the yellow splotches on the screen…….and that the volume buttons are backwards

  • Ann Nonimus

    Folks it's waiting for only a couple of weeks! The initial release is June 24th and Canada will get it sometime in July. Some of you belly achers talk like you're crack heads waiting for the next fix. Relax and wait. That's what I'm doing. I'm still on my 5 year old Nokia and I've been waiting for this version of the iPhone since the original came out.

  • Thegame

    You can opt out.

  • Fkoff

    Exactly , as most ppl are. no fuckin idea of what they are talking about. just ppl who dont know what overages are and think that the price in the book what they pay, and when their bill is more from something they pay per use for and didnt understand (or listen)when someone explained to them and then turn around and blame the company and say they suck.

  • lol

    i want to know the exact date or around the week it is released please really important

  • Alexis

    Have you downloaded the latest version of itunes?

  • Mason

    telus wont be the last, i went to my local telus store the other day to get the latest news of when the iphone will be appearing in canada and in telus, they said it is expected july/early august, so unless you dont have thee patience for a month or 2 then just calm down, because telus isnt going to be the last, and if they are, its not like its going to be 8 years untill it arrives.

  • Quin Glitch

    you really should count yourself as lucky (we all should) we actually have a choice of networks. americans only have at&t and lots of other countries are like that too.

  • Paul

    In 2007 during the pre release of the original iphone I had a chance to speak with some of the apple engineers working with Rogers in Toronto. Candidly they expressed the personal and corporate frustration with Rogers wireless and their inflexibility when it comes to the strangle hold they have over the Canadian public. From what I understand, the original iphone release was halted almost a year due to negotiations over the consumer price of the iphone. Rogers was unwilling to tailor an affordable data plan and unit price while apple wanted to break into the Canadian market with reasonable prices. Perhaps the iphone 4 release is enjoying similar frustrations with the “big 3” and their “triopoly” of Canadian wireless.

  • Ex

    Possibly, but doubtful. Other countries also have to wait.

  • Matthewmf

    It has tons of bugs that they will probably fix by the time it reaches canada so I'm pleased we get it later. For instance, some U.S users found that they lost reception when they put their hands on certain places on the phone (or crappy at&t networks!) But I think this is going to be an excellent phone and I can't wait to get my hands on one

  • luca

    GOOODDD!! thank god it didn't release here on june 24th we would of maybe had all those problems

  • Oliver Smelt

    Definitely agree with all of this message. Well done.

  • vinny

    I have the Apple iPhone 16GB and 32GB in Brampton, Ontario Canada. Email me at

  • vinny

    I have the Apple iPhone 16GB and 32GB in Brampton, Ontario Canada. Email me at

  • vinny

    I have the Apple iPhone 16GB and 32GB in Brampton, Ontario Canada. Email me at

  • Wayner

    Firstly, Those of you that actually believe that Canada's carriers have any impact on when Apple chooses to release their phone, you may now put on your tin foil hats.

    Now, as some of you have suggested, It is very likely that the sole reason for the delay is so that apple can sell the phone to the higher populated countries first, as to have higher numbers to brag about for the total sales in the first few days. We all know Apple likes to brag about numbers. Therefore, once they have met this need for sales figures, they can start shipping every where else.

    Judging by the testing that USA owners have done, it appears that the “bug” to look out for is reception, many people have shown that there is a rapid depletion of signal strength when touching the lower left and right section of the external antenna (where the black lines are). Since people have been able to make calls without issues while the phone is showing 1 to 0 bars, this may only be a software issue as described by Apple. However, there are results that confirm this issue does negatively affect data speeds.
    So, whether this is only a result of a poor network (AT&T) or an actual issue with the phone, we will find out when we get the phone here in Canada and test it on our network.

  • Lwaa

    any updates on Canadian availability?

  • RTE

    I have talked with Fido rep. I'm in the same boat as you are. Have 3G for 2 years, 1 year left on contract. What they say is “you are eligible for a new phone” … “if you extend your contract”. Which means you get a phone for advertised price if you EXTEND your contract by another 3 years (add 3 more).
    Your situation may be different, as my friend who has 1/3 years served (on contract) is not eligible. They probably have some sort of cut-off (1-1.5 years left likely).

  • RTE

    ops, that was mant for post below

  • Xyz

    Fuck they do! i had my blackberry stolen, locked it, tried to cancel the contract and all that, but rogers didn't care- right now i'm using the old, fatass bb 8700, paying 40$ too much for what the phone does (couldn't change the plan)- and waiting on iPhone 4. oh well, only a bit longer

  • Pierre

    Hi all,

    The reason for the delayed launch in Canada is that iPhone is now available “unlocked” directly from Apple, albeit at a higher price. If they would have launched it on the same day in Canada, the US carriers selling the locked version would have lost tons of sale… As with everything else, follow the money… 😉

  • ??


  • BOB

    you need the latest itunes for the folders and such to work properly…
    you shouldnt insult apple for your inability to understand these things.

  • BOB

    you obviously didnt understand what iads are…
    they're used in third party applications, most third party applications already have ads in them…
    if you click on the adds right now, you'll notice that they take you out of the application, and into a web page,

    iads lets you view the ad, in the app… and its super slick too.

  • x00carly

    Interesting. Did I say anywhere in my post that I did not already have the latest version of iTunes? Get your facts straight before you attempt to (somewhat illiterately) insult me, and do yourself a favor and learn how to use proper grammar. Thanks.

  • BOB

    do you, in fact, have the latest version?

  • Waiting

    Since you couldnt Download 4.0 With out the latest Itunes i would imagine he does

  • ZaraSarT

    In Spain (second release as Canada=, MoviStar announced iPhone 4 availability next 28th July, trough its official twitter.

  • ZaraSarT

    In Spain (second release as Canada=, MoviStar announced iPhone 4 availability next 28th July, trough its official twitter.

  • Looking Around

    People in glass houses… check out the difference between 'THERE' & 'THEIR'. Let's proof read folks!

  • Pissed off

    Latest news that the iphone 4 wont be out until augest now with the big 3, cause of the antenna problem. I checked with one othe the stores and they got a letter that there is a hold on the new iphone. So who the hell knows when it will be released in canada. I also heard that there was not enough iphones made for the preorder down in the states and that might be another factor on waiting for it to get here. So to all, Happy Waiting.

  • Ex

    There is no hold. There is no letter.

  • ??

    Everyone knows that there were more orders than what Apple could produce(at least for the U.S.) Thanks for the “breaking news” though….

  • appleiphone4sale

    for those of you that want or need the iphone 4, i have it for sale….

  • beastman

    ammmm….dude u need to take IQ test..let me know what ur score is…ur not logical at all…..the biggest compnay who fucked up us is Rogers…their Reps dont even know shit

  • beastguy

    “Totally and completely untrue. I was and (still am) in love with Apple”….yet they are charging u $29.99 to answer ur question………u downloaded OS 4 it FUCKED UP ur callender ………….uu still love apple….cute..rather confusing….

  • Vartanarsen

    but you guys have good universal health insurance…..

  • Someone

    I'm glad Canada Jr. got the iphone 4 first. They can have it when it's new and needs the bugs worked out of it. They can be our guinea pigs and we'll get it when it's fixed and tuned up 🙂

  • Ex

    Canada Jr.

    Nice. I like that.

  • Moi Aussi


  • william

    Hi ive been with my old motorola and im with fido does fido even gonna sell iphone 4g i mean i dont know much bout it but i wonder cause i have lots of fidodolars and id like to know if iphone4 suports fido so i can buy it from them !

  • Olivierlafond9

    will it be possible to buy just the phone with no contract at a retailer ???

  • Babyrocky1

    anyone know how much it is going to cost for the 16 on a 3 year term?

  • Pissedoff

    My question is, when is the problem going to be fixed, or is there going to be a re-design to fix the problem of the antenna. Also if it is worth it of even buying a iphone4 with these flaws in it when it comes to Canada. And most of all, WHAT THE HELL IS THE RELEASE DATE FOR THEM TO COME OUT?.

  • Ex



  • Ravina

    Its a good thing, cuz hopefully the kinks will be worked out before its released in canada!

  • PissedOff

    Canada wasn't lucky enough to share the June 24th release date for the iPhone 4 like the US, France, Germany and UK. Instead they were stuck with a “Coming In July” notice courtesy of Apple Canada's website. Now however things seem to have taken a turn for the worse for our friendly neighbors as the Apple Canada website has updated the iPhone 4's order page to read “Coming Soon”.

    With the insane number of iPhone 4 pre-orders taken a couple of days back, one can't help but wonder if Apple has decided to fulfill these orders before taking anymore.

    What this would basically mean is that countries, such as Canada, that haven't given its citizens a chance to pre-order an iPhone 4 yet may in fact hold off until after July (possibly August).

    Before you think that Apple may not be so cruel, just remember what happened with the iPad a couple of months ago.

  • Dan

    you do realise when you take an INSANE 3 year contract its your choice, you choose to pay less for the phone to compliment your dwindling bank account, and pay for it over three years. Those people that complain about 3 year contracts and upgrade dates, YOU SIGNED UP FOR THAT. literally. You have all the option in the world as to turn it down and pay full for the phone

  • a friend working at rogers said it would be 199$

  • Dd

    You are a fucking moron.

  • Dd

    You are a fucking moron.

  • Nibzster

    ya, im going with fido, fido, telus, rogers, and bell get it first, then all those gay small companies, like koodo get it later

  • Nibzster

    actually, theres a meeting today in california about the release date, lets hope its july 23rd like a lot of people are saying

  • Dsafsdfsd

    This is someone too i’m a rogers technical support and i can say some of the people they have working there i’d like to slap when i listen to them on the phone.

  • Dsafsdfsd

    This is someone too i’m a rogers technical support and i can say some of the people they have working there i’d like to slap when i listen to them on the phone.

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  • Sads

    Don't just rush out and buy it! Apparently, the new iPhone 4 experiences a few issues, such as antenna failure when holding the iPhone in a certain way.

    So I highly recommend that people be smart and make sure that the same buggy unit isn't being shipped to Canada.

  • heck

    How about anthena issue?

  • me me me

    I agree! I am a supervisor for Bell Mobility customer service and you wouldn't imagine the things I hear! I mean you can have the best goodwill and want to keep you customers, but when they drop their phone in water 3 times and insist on getting one free and without a contract just because they 'pay their bill on time' sometimes you wonder what their brains are made of!

  • JR

    you have to threaten them, i told them i wanted to switch to fido when they told me i wasn’t eligible and i was only allowed to upgrade every two year. so i said i wanted to switch to fido and then they told me they made a mistake and it look like i am eligible. also, if you want to switch to fido from rogers keep in mind there is no cancellation fee because you’re technically transferring within the same company.

  • Cbruno

    ROGERS is now showing new iPhone as being available July 30th – FINALLY!!!

  • Shiver

    WTF???? Just woke up price is $659 for 16 GB!!! That's THREE TIMES the US price.

    Has Apple gone freaking MAD???

    I'm 5 minutes from the US boarder I can go across and get one for $199!!
    Now I have to.


  • Are you crazy? That $659 price is an outright, unlocked price which is not
    even offered by AT&T in the USA.

  • Zanteogo

    Looks like most stores sold out within the first hour.

    It seems they gave Canada just enough phones to say “Now Canada Has the Iphone”. Really though, we don't have it yet.

  • Michael

    HELP…I'm looking for a 32GB iPhone 4 locked to Rogers in the GTA.

  • Altabear

    I would love to actually have one – I thought I'd avoid lineups, and let the “launch” go ahead last Friday. Thought I would walk into a store in a couple days and just pick one up. Seems the small selection they received sold that morning, and there haven't been any since!

    A week later, an no phones. Rogers said when I emailed “no idea when – just keep calling stores…” Sadly, the stores haven't been actually answering their phones. You have to actually go there, and when you get there, they tell you “sorry, no iPhone 4 – maybe in 2 or 3 weeks? not sure.

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  • Alisha

    how much are youh selling it for; it you still have it on sale … 🙂

  • Kapilgurnani2005

    what is the rate of i phone 4 in canada on contract 16gb or 32gb???