Verizon iPhone 4 Launches With Redesigned Antenna, Personal Hotspot, iOS 4.2.5


Today Apple and Verizon announced the Verizon-compatible iPhone. This new iPhone 4 is almost identical to the existing GSM-based iPhone 4, but has come with a few major differences.

New Antenna

The first major change is the Antenna. The Verizon iPhone 4, unlike existing iPhone 4 devices, features four antenna breaks in the casing instead of three. The placement has also changed.

The new antenna design makes the following moves (when facing the display):

  • GSM iPhone 4 bottom left and bottom right antennas are the same as on the Verizon iPhone 4.
  • New antenna breaks on the top left and right of the Verizon iPhone 4.
  • No antenna break at the top of the Verizon iPhone 4, unlike the GSM iPhone 4

These antenna changes have also caused a downward shift of the silent switch, making many cases, including Apple’s own Bumper, incompatible with the Verizon iPhone 4.

Personal Hotspot

The next major difference is the included “Personal Hotspot”. This turns the iPhone 4 into a router that is able to connect to and provide Internet access to up to five devices. The feature is built right into the Settings app.

For those that have ever used the jailbreak app MyWi, or have heard or used Bell Mobility’s MiFi devices, you will be instantly familiar with Personal Hotspot.

It is unknown if this will be exclusive to Verizon, or if Personal Hotspot will be available with a future software update. And speaking of software updates…

iOS 4.2.5

Aside from antenna changes and the Personal Hotspot, the Verizon iPhone 4 also launched with iOS 4.2.5. We are all running the latest firmware, iOS 4.2.1.

This software update undoubtedly brought the Personal Hotspot feature, but will this be released to all iPhones devices?

Will we see this iOS update in February, alongside the Verizon iPhone 4 launch or will everything merge with iOS 4.3?


  • David

    So does that mean they can use the data from the IPhone to share with the Ipad by having the IPad connect to the hotspot?

  • David

    So does that mean they can use the data from the IPhone to share with the Ipad by having the IPad connect to the hotspot?

  • Ex


  • So its GSM then? with the R-UIM cards in stead? And i like the 3 breaks better, besides which that means none of there customers will have cases, or very few in launch.

  • IPhoney4

    Wow. Firmware 4.3 is just around the corner, and still no permanent untethered Jailbreak for 4.2.1.

  • IPhoney4

    Duh! Obviously.

  • Ok its CMDA fond out, dont know why they have the slot though, thought they were just going to use the R cards to make the GSM work on cdma. Poor Verizon customers, no data and voice at the same time. Apple said they didn’t go with the LTE chipset yet because it would change the design and they wanted a Verizon phone now. LTE is what they are calling “4G” when technically its not, unless its the LTE Advanced which i am not sure they have yet.

  • Leet

    I wonder if there will be a iPhone 5 -_- damn

  • Anonymous

    I notice the ‘Carrier’ button does not appear in the photo of the 4.2.5 settings, as it’s replaced with the hotspot button.

    Is this anything more than a GUI change?

  • Anonymous

    AT&T Are going to get stinged hard by this,Espically If they make a new lte 4g verison.People would break their contracts and run to verizon. I hope their is a new iPhone that is gsm compatible launching in june/july as usual.

  • Mark

    Yes and their iPod (touch) and notebook and anything else that needs Wi-Fi

  • S3c0nd4ry

    So if they release a new body design, that addresses the antennae problem, and if it is available to Canadian carriers, then are people going to demand for subsidized hardware (to get the new design) due to the fact they received a device that had an obvious “manufacturers defect”?

  • The Verizon iPhone 4’s do not have SIM card slots (according to engadget). My guess is that the iPhone 5 will be “universal” CDMA and GSM.

    I really want the hotspot feature on my iPhone: free 3G for my wifi iPad! (free as in I don’t have to pay for more data than I already do.)

  • Kerry

    Yes but lots of articles about guys twittering about it.

  • ouch…. with the silent switch moved all the current cases are garbage. OtterBox, CaseMate, all the power cases like mophie too… thats a real blow to the iphone owners. i can just hear the horror stories of “my iphone is all scratched within the first 2 weeks, no cases available “

  • Blah

    The question is, why would you need it? The only reason you would open Carrier is to switch which network you’re connecting to, and there’s no other network you could possibly connect to (there’s Sprint, but for phone programming differences you can’t connect to the network from a Verizon phone).

  • Anonymous

    Since Apple likes to be consistent the CDMA iPhone will most likely have the same features as the GSM iPhone so expect iOS 4.2.5 to be released by Feb 10th and to feature the wifi hotspot.

    No way Verizon will get their own features and not everyone else.

    But it totally sucks that the existing cases won’t fit the CDMA IPhone.

  • Laserheart

    I’m surprised the article doesn’t mention anything about possible new CDMA carriers in Canada, or lack thereof.

    Are there any carriers in Canada that can now start iPhone plans, assuming they are using CDMA?

  • Keep in mind that verizon has only 2 bands (850 and 1900Mhz)…

    The current iPhone has to support 5 bands (850,900,1800,1900,2100)…

    This difference might be a good reason why Apple decide to build a different antenna design…

  • Well CDMA sucks because you cant voice and data at the same time, so no web while on the phone. I wonder what the design change is going to be for LTE (4G) because you know thats the next phone in june/july

  • Anonymous

    Public Mobile is the only new carrier.

    Then you have the existing carriers with a CDMA network: Bell, Telus, MTS, Sasktel (and might be one or two more names here)

    But the above carriers do have an HSPA/UMTS so there wouldn’t be any need for the CDMA iPhone for anyone except Public Mobile. And given their small network, they would not get it at all.

    Videotron, Mobilicity, Wind, Shaw are all on another band called AWS which is similar to T-Mobile’s 3G network and does not support the iPhone at all.

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  • Laserheart

    Thanks, this is helpful information. I’m not up on what the different bands are, and which companies have them.

    I was hoping and praying that Wind could get the iPhone. I don’t suppose Apple’s planning an AWS phone?

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  • Kirk Armstrong

    great news for verizon! Smart move for apple! win win for everyone…well our american friends for now… I seriously doubt the hotspot thing will only be available for verizon, this isobviously goign to be a part of universal ios update for all iphone 4’s…..

    what’s interesting is how late this is…do you guys hoenstly thing apple will consider releasing a new iphone so soon when the iphone 4 is still selling hot and now they just released this new iphone 4? I don’t think we will see anything until maybe late this year next year for a newer phone…doesn’t matter to me though..I usually skip out a generation, I went from 3g to 4 and skipped 3gs.

  • Anonymous

    Not unless T-Mobile pushes as hard as Verizon does. And I don’t see that happening for a long time.

    But don’t lose hope. Because you never know what Apple has up their sleeves.

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