Apple Discontinues ’12 Days of Gifts’ App Store Promo in the US and UK


Apple’s 12 Days of Gifts/12 Days of Christmas promotion, which has run every year since 2008 giving away iOS apps, music, films and books for free, has been cancelled this year in both the US and UK, MacWorld is reporting. The promo has been cancelled in Canada this year as well and it seems that Apple will be discontinuing it in other countries too.

12 Days of Gifts thumb800

The 12 Days of Christmas/12 Days of Gifts promotion used to run from Boxing Day, 26 December until 6 January, with each gift only available for 24 hours. The promotion was accompanied by a dedicated app for iOS, which revealed the new gift each day and provided a direct link to that gift for users to download for free.

Apple had not offered Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals this year too, which was perhaps the first clue that things would be different with the Christmas promotion in 2014.


  • Andre

    Well then, I’m not getting them anything for Christmas either.

  • Shawn Rouse

    It did run in Canada in 2013 as well.

  • Mark

    I’m also not going to support them anymore.

  • SV650

    There is a Boxing Day promotion posted on the Canadian iTunes Store, so there may be some offerings.

  • Rickyscv

    Scrooge’s…making tons of money and keeping it all to themselves.

  • Mark Radsolz

    VisuCaller is still free – until Dec 29th. It hit top 100 in France, why not in Canada.

  • SV650

    They’ve been paying me handsome dividends; you?

  • Pokieo

    Maybe if half of the world didn’t complain about a free album appearing in their iTunes, maybe Apple wouldn’t be a bunch of scrouges this year.

    Also, we do get one free app a week, and Apple often has free episodes, so in all reality we have been getting the promo all year.

    Merry Christmas to all!

  • Fawad Raza

    Well that’s a shame. I’m was halfway through dumping Apple. Now it’s one more negative point there.

  • Fawad Raza