20% Off Sale on iTunes Cards are Back at Costco Stores and Online


Costco’s 20% off iTunes card sale is back, folks! The $100 multipack (4 x $25) is available at warehouse locations for $79.99, and $83.99 online.

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Funding your iTunes account with these discounted cards mean you save 20% off all app purchases, in-app purchases, subscriptions (Netflix, iCloud, Apple Music, etc), songs, software and more from Apple.

Paying the $4 premium by ordering online may save you from spending $500 on a cart full of random items at the warehouse (and time).

The sale started yesterday and goes until June 18, 2017. Let us know what you pick up!

Thanks C.G. and Benoît


  • Christopher Jones

    How are you always able to find this out in such a timely manner? I’m sure you’re not in Costco every Monday, or check the flyer every week. I’m wanting to find a source so I can make a IFTTT applet.

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  • KBlazer07

    Or maybe they go for the $1.50 hot dog/drink combo every day for lunch …

  • Bruce Cairnie

    Christopher Jones, I’d love to hear about that applet when you have written it!!