2015 Canadian Black Friday Apple Deals Roundup


Well, here we go again. It’s yet another day to be a consumer, to spend money for the sake of spending money. Here’s our annual roundup of Canadian Black Friday Apple deals, a curated list sales we’ve scoured from flyers and around the web. Refresh for updates!

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  • Staples: Wi-Fi iPad Air 2 for $479/$559/$669 for 16GB/64GB/128GB, save $70/$100/$100
  • Wi-Fi iPad mini 2 for $299/$349 for 16GB/32GB, save $30/$30
  • Wi-Fi iPad Air for $399/$449 for 16GB/32GB, save $40/$40


  • The Source: 32GB iPod touch for $229.99 (save $70)
  • 16GB iPod touch for $209.99 (save $40)
  • 32GB iPod touch (RED) for $229.99 (save $70), online only
  • 16GB iPod nano 7th gen for $139.99 (save $40)
  • London Drugs: 32GB iPod touch for $269.99


  • Best Buy: 13.3-inch MacBook Air (1.6GHz/4GB/128GB SSD) for $1049 (save $150)
  • 13.3-inch Retina MacBook Pro (2.7GHz/8GB/128GB SSD) for $1399.99 (save $150)
  • 15.4-inch Retina MacBook Pro (2.2GHz i7/16GB/256 SSD) for $2349.99 (save $100)
  • Speck 13” MacBook Air SmartShell for $39.99
  • $50-$150 off various iMacs
  • Staples: 13” MacBook Air for $1099 (save $100)
  • 13” MacBook Pro, 3rd gen i5 for $1199 (save $150)
  • 13” Retina MacBook Pro for $1399 (save $150)
iTunes Cards
  • Superstore: 15% off $50 or $100 cards (requires in-store coupon)
  • London Drugs: $50 cards for $44.99; $100 cards for $89.99
  • 15% off $100 multipacks; 20% off in-store
Apple Watch:
Apple TV


  • Best Buy: Logitech Harmony 650 for $49.99;
  • Plantronics Voyager Legend Bluetooth Headset for $69.99 (love ours);
  • 25% off Lifeproof iPhone 6 cases
  • Mophie Juice Pack Air for iPhone 6/6s for $89.99 (save $30)
  • Otterbox iPhone 6 Commuter for $34.99
  • Nest 3rd Gen: $249.99 plus $50 GC
  • Beats by Dre: Solo2 for $169.99; urBeats for $69.99 (same at The Source)
  • Staples: Otterbox, Lifeproof cases on sale
  • Best Buy: various Fitbits and Misfits on sale; Pebble for $79.99; Pebble Time for $179.99

Apps and Software

Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll add it to the list.

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  • Yearoftherat

    Thanks for the list Gary ! Some deals are great while some are so-so. Maybe Monday will be better 🙂

  • FragilityG4


  • iverge


  • Cheers. yeah, nothing crazy so far yet!

  • Seems to be the same recycled discounts over and over.

  • K.

    Nothing at Apple? Surprising?

  • Jeff Artiss

    Who had the 32 GB Wifi iPad Mini 2 for 349?

  • Staples

  • Jeff Artiss

    Strange – says 379 for me… Want to get something for my wife… Wondering if I should get the Mini 2 @ 32 GB or the Mini 4 @ 16 GB. Its for work (email and web). We already have the Air 2.

  • Staples’ website lists it for $349
    If you’re used to Touch ID…then the Mini 4 is calling your name.

  • mxmgodin

    Any news if Apple Stores have any kind of sale? Gift cards, or whatever?

  • Jason Reid

    Hey Gary, D-Brand Skins, a Canadian company has 30% off site wide today. Just a FYI.

  • Meagan

    Retailers selling unlocked iphones other than Apple itself?

  • FragilityG4

    They stopped Black Friday sales last year. They will match deals from local merchants

  • FragilityG4

    They stopped Black Friday sales last year. They will match deals from local merchants.

  • I used to love to find iTunes card with 20% off more frequently… buying a 50$ for 40$ was nice…. now… if lucky, you’ll see 10% (50$ for 45$….)… Oh well…

  • I saw that Best Buy has Beats Studio Wireless for $299 this weekend. Does this mean I can walk into an Apple Store and get them to match that price?

  • FragilityG4

    I’m not sure if it applies to beats, although I can’t imagine why it wouldn’t. You can try, but their policy is the competition has to be local and have the product in stock. They will even call to confirm it is in stock.

  • RickysCV

    Picked up an Apple TV 4, 64gb for US$149 at Target in the USA. It was 25% off. So even with exchange, and $3 charge to pick it up in the States, it’s not too bad a deal.

  • Nice. I love shopping in ‘Mericuh!

  • RickysCV

    Just checking on iPod Touch to replace the one stolen from my car. The Source deal is for the 5th generation. After checking specs, the latest 6th version is way better and even a $70 savings in getting the older model doesn’t seem worth it. I’m going to check which model Staples is offering.

  • Apple refurb had the 5th gen for $209, not sure what’s in stock today though, FYI

  • Yearoftherat

    Full version of Pixelmator is free on MacFormat
    Download Pixelmator Now

  • erth

    i am looking for a macbook pro but not what they are offering. they seem like last years models or newer and not enough ssd or memory. sad… 🙁

  • Normyd

    IPhone 6 128 gig same price as 64 on Rogers.

  • erth

    i called apple to purchase a macbook on cyber monday and stated to them that i wasn’t happy that they no longer give a discount on black friday/cyber monday, and i was surprised that she said they still do. but they do not tell anybody about it. you have to call in to purchase and they will give you a discount, but you have to come prepared. you need to tell them other retailers that are selling their wares at a discount, and they will match that, or they will give you something else, for free. just a heads up for next year.