2016 Apple Canada Black Friday Event Coming Nov. 25

Apple is ready for Black Friday 2016, folks. The company has teased on its website a one-day shopping event, set to take place in Canada and beyond on Friday, November 25:

Apple black friday canada

Last year we didn’t see any Black Friday deals from Apple (or the year before), as authorized resellers handled the small savings on select products.

This year though, it’ll be interesting to see what Apple has in store for Black Friday. If they are better than minor discounts we periodically see at Apple authorized retailers like Best Buy, then we’ll have something to talk about.

What do you think will go on sale this Friday?

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  • Dehop

    Token discounts only. Certainly nothing better than what’s available at 3rd party retailers. Probably the majority of discounts will be on watch straps.

    Yes, I’ve become more and more jaded with Tim Cook’s Apple.

  • KS

    My iPhone 7 Plus is not even delivered to me yet. It’d suck if there are offers on iPhone 7 now.

  • KBlazer07

    iPhones have never been discounted, just the other stuff.

  • Si2k78

    They definitely won’t discount an item like the iPhone 7, a product where demand is still greater than the supply available.

  • It’s Me

    How is a lack of discounts different than pre-Tim Cook’s Apple?

  • It’s Me

    At best, I expect something like their BTS promo with free Beats with iPhone/mac/Watch sales, but more realistically, I expect iTunes gift cards.

  • Dehop

    Not the lack of discounts, it’s thinking that they’ll be applied on the wide selection of watch straps.

  • Jesse

    I just picked up an Apple Watch series 1 last week. I’m hoping I can go in on Friday and get the difference back if there’s a discount on it. It would be less than 15 days so I should be good!

  • KS

    Ah I didn’t know that. Thanks for replying 🙂