Twitter Previews 2016 CFL Season, Debuts New Football Emoji

If you’re a CFL fan, Twitter has previewed the upcoming 2016 season which starts on June 23, while also launched support for a new Twitter emoji via the hashtag #CFLKickoff.

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This blog post by Christopher Doyle, head of sports at Twitter Canada, runs through all the major highlights leading up to the start of this CFL season, along with detailing which teams have the most followers on Twitter, and more:

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Earlier today, as part of its partnership with the CFL, a “tweet your question” session started with Toronto Argos players Vidal Hazleton and Tori Gurley, answering questions at Twitter Canada headquarters.

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  • Rye

    Good old CFL, where NFL wannabe’s with no other life skills go to play for a measly 50-80k a year.

  • Renegader

    They’re different leagues. And the highest paid player makes close to 500K. What you quoted is the league minimum. Best to do your research before trying to make fun of something that gets better ratings in Canada than the NFL.

  • Rye

    You’re right they are different leagues, CFL is to the NFL what AAA baseball is to MLB or AHL is to NHL … You can defend it all you want but it doesn’t change the fact it’s a semi pro league for players who can’t cut it in the NFL.

  • Renegader

    That’s just simply not true. Every year there are many players from the CFL that the NFL scoop up for their teams. It’s why the CFL and NFL work so closely.